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- Version AFTrace - For Food Safety and Quality Control



AFTrace, an extension of AgFleet's® Record Keeper and Data Manager modules, supplies client-defined access to field records and assures compliance of end-user requirements. End-users, such as brokers or producers may have the ability to access field specific seasonal reports including chemical & pesticide applications, maps, pictures, and various other user specified reports and events.

  • Allow user-defined access to select fields and lots based on end-user requirements
  • Provides a step-by-step path of the seasonal activities
  • Get detailed action summaries outlining product, chemical, and personnel
  • Web-based access allows for up to the minute updates to be easily followed
  • Secure anytime, anywhere access globally connects users

  • Improves supply management to lower cost distribution systems and expand sales
  • Facilitates trace back for crop safety and quality which helps aid quality control
  • Differentiates and markets crops with subtle or undetectable quality attributes

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