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Agilent J&W PLOT PT columns are engineered to improve lab operations. Unlike current techniques used to prevent PLOT stationary phase particles from shedding downstream, the integral particle traps of Agilent’s new PLOT PT columns remove the aggravation of connecting separate traps. Operation is more convenient and there is no risk from leaks. The integrated particle-trapping technology on both ends of PLOT PT GC columns reduces downtime. What's more, with PLOT PT you can now use GC/MS for detailed, qualitative and quantitative analysis. No other PLOT column offers this level of worry-free operation for your GC or GC/MS system.

  • Enhance analytical capability in the lab using PLOT analyses with MS detection and Capillary Flow Technology (CFT)
  • No more hassles with unions or downstream filters: Our integrated particle trapping technology is incorporated into the column as one continuous length of fused silica tubing
  • Higher throughput: Reproducible flow restriction and increased stability reduce the need for method/system adjustments, and promote a steadier analytical output
  • Lower operating costs and less downtime associated with replacing filters and column switching valves
  • Agilent J&W GC columns are tested against the strictest industry QC specifications for column bleed, sensitivity and efficiency to give you utmost confidence in qualitative and quantitative results
  • For QC test conditions, including the test probe mixture and the resulting chromatogram, refer to the Agilent J&W GC Column Performance Summary shipped with each GC column

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The Agilent GC Method Translation Software allows you to port a current GC method to another while ensuring that relative retention order is maintained.

The GC Pressure/Flow Calculator Software helps you to determine pressure settings and flow rates through a capillary GC column and calculates the vapor volume for a liquid solvent vaporized in a heated GC inlet.

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