- Interceptor Drainage Systems



AGREM Interceptor Drainage Sytems are a type of conventional pattern tile where laterals are placed as much as possible to intercept water flows. By placing laterals perpendicular to subsurface water flow, laterals intercept water flow, such as side seeps, and remove water as it flows down hill. This allows for more efficient water removal and reduces ponding. Interceptor systems are not as efficient as Contour Drainage Systems but are more efficient than Conventional Pattern Systems. Interceptor systems are designed according to your soil type and provide consistent drainage through your field.

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  • More efficient in water removal than Conventional Pattern Tile Systems
  • Spacing and depth according to your soil type and desired drainage coefficient
  • Laterals placed perpendicular to water flow
  • Provides relief drainage and some interceptor drainage
  • Can incorporate surface drainage as well
  • Not able for all fields to be upgraded to an effective controlled drainage

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