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- Version 2.0 - River Self-Purification Modeler

AquaRio2.0 is a simple simulation tool, developed based on the first order reaction of BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) and the modified Streeter and Phelps formula, in order to determine the variations of DO (Dissolved Oxygen) and BOD along the studied river reaches. This software, operated on Windows-based environment, considers various impacts of environmental factors. The modeler of river self-purification is suitable for the water quality simulation, monitoring and management in one-dimensional steady small rivers and far field; also suitable for the analyses and evaluations of the projects of industrial and domestic water supply as well as pollution control; and still suitable for the engineering benefit analysis of various industrial and domestic wastewater treatment technologies, equipments and processes.

The software can be used not only by government decision-making departments, but also by designing and planning departments, consulting companies and water resources management departments engaged in environmental and water engineering. The modeler also can be used in teaching practice of water pollution prevention and control, Environmental Hydraulics and Environmental Fluid Mechanics in colleges and universities.

'Modeling Water Quality in Rivers', American Journal of Applied Sciences 2 (4): 881-886, 2005.

● AguaRio2.0 can quickly determine the variation of dissolved oxygen (DO) along the longitudinal direction of the calculated river reaches, describe the degradation processes of carbonaceous BOD (BOD5) and nitrogeneous BOD (NBOD) along the way under the boundary conditions given by users, and also compare with the observed data input by users.

● AguaRio2.0 takes into account many common environmental impact factors in engineering, such as the different types of discharges (concentrated/punctual discharge sources, including tributary contribution and distributed discharge source), BOD in carbonization and nitrification stages, BOD adsorption and flocculation sedimentation, photosynthesis and sediment oxygen consumption, etc..

● The calculation results of AguaRio2.0, including the longitudinal profiles of the change process of DO and BOD in carbonizing stage and BOD in nitrification stage, can be browsed, stored and printed directly by tables and images.

● AguaRio2.0 has a complete help system, illustration and teaching examples, which is easy for users to learn and master. The software is simple and convenient to use, and can quickly provide users with the calculation results of different comparison schemes (under different boundary conditions and physical and chemical parameters).

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