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Enterprise Emission Inventory and Permit Compliance Management. Locus' Air and Greenhouse Gases module within ePortal is the leading enterprise software for managing emission inventory and permit compliance programs. It reduces compliance risk through integration of other ePortal modules such as Compliance Management, Asset Management, Automation (including remote sensing) into one integrated solution.

Locus uses best-in-class modules and enterprise application integration to manage all aspects of emission inventory:

  • Collection of operational data from a variety of electronic and manual sources
  • Calculation of emissions data using standard or customer-specific methodologies
  • Comparison of emission results and operational data values against multiple permit/regulatory limits
  • Tracking, management, and reporting of non-conformity
  • Regulatory reporting at the region, country, and local levels
  • Company reporting for KPI metrics

Reporting and Charting
Air and Greenhouse Gases module includes robust reporting and charting tools. Users can analyze data by location, business group, facility type, and more. You can generate results reporting in multiple formats, including report-ready charts, PDF or Excel format. Regulatory reports with specific format requirements are easy to produce and update. With all of your data in a central system, you can know that your data are consistent across different programs and locations.

Discover Air and Greenhouse Gases Module
Powered by Locus' dynamic calculation and tasking functionality, the Air and Greenhouse Gases module automatically alerts users of potential non-conformances with permit conditions and triggers customer-specific workflows to follow up on corrective actions and track them to completion. Locus customers can use Air and Greenhouse Gases module to track and manage compliance for a single site or for the entire enterprise. And because it resides in ePortal, you can access, manage, and share the data across other ePortal modules at the same time as your other environmental data.

  • Generate Title V reports
  • Secure and convenient online access through Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Create uniform compliance standards and policies and ensure that they are being maintained
  • Review compliance certification
  • Track corrective actions through to closure
  • Create regulatory exports
  • Customize settings to meet your specific requirements

  • Consolidate compliance and environmental data together in one system
  • Manage Clean Air Act and Carbon from a single application
  • Improve data quality with built-in validation checks
  • Eliminate software installation and update headaches

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