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- Version 3.2 - Life Cycle Assessment - Environmental Impact Calculation Software


Air.e LCA includes all the professional funcionalities you need to carry out a LCA, with a very competitive price and a fast learning curve. You will be able to develope a sustainable product portfolio to build up a competitive advantage and increase revenue. Air.e LCA is our software solution for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), enabling you to differentiate your products with sustainability credentials. Air.e LCA includes the Environmental Footprint methodology promoted by the European Commission, create Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Eco-design, and calculates the Carbon Footprint, Water Footprint of products and organisations.

  • Powerful graphic interface for Life Cycle design
  • Automatic reports generated for verification with graphics and comparative tables
  • Online version in the cloud for collaborative work
  • Automatic units conversions, fuels, materials and energy consumptions units calculation
  • Import and export functions with XML files format
  • Cost/benefit analysis and emmissions compensation
  • Tools for assessment using simulation and versions of the Life Cycles
  • Air.e LCA inludes the ILCD, CML 2001, ReCiPe, ISO 14064, ISO 14067, PAS 2050, ISO 14046 and Water Footprint standards
  • Air.e LCA includes the ECOINVENT and ELCD international databases
  • Weighting and normalization tools

One of the main goals in Life Cycle Assessment is to identify supply chain hotspots including materials and processes of concern to mitigate risk, by analysisng only one environmental impact such as the Carbon Footprint or many others like the Environmental Footprint or eco-design  This video from one of or clients is an example of how to comunicate Carbon Footprint results, the Main Post Office of Argentina, is an Air.e LCA user and calculated the GHG emissions.

A step forward

Because sustainability involves not only solving the problem of climate chage, we need tools that help us to study the complete environmental performance of products, companies ands services using the Life Cycle Assessment.

Air.e LCA has been designed as a complete solution. Throughout the Life Cycle Assessment, it is not only possible to analyse the environmental performance of a product or organization, but also to impove it. Carbon Footprint concept helps companies and users to work against the problem of climate change while the Water Footprint helps people and organization to tackle the problem of water scarcity. By estimating all of the environemental impact values, Air.e LCA provides users with the necessary tools to develope more sustainable produts and services.

  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Environmental Product Declarations
  • Eco-design
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Water Footprint
  • Environmental management

Environmental management

Swift and efficiency

Solid Forest has developed new tools in Air.e LCA so users can now reduce the time they spend on Life Cycle design and searching for data.

Using Air.e LCA you won´t have hundreds of windows open at the same time. Air.e LCA graphic interface is user friendly and the wizards included in the software will guide you throughout the Life Cycle Assesment.

Air.e LCA also includes a powerful relational database. All elements in the database are indexed and can be found easily using search tools.

Developing a Life Cycle Assessment is not possible if we do not have a complete database of emission factors and environmental impact values.

Ecoinvent 3, ELCD and Solid Forest LCA Database are fully integrated into the system, so you can search, add and customize each dataset, and the user can disaggregate datasets down to the elementary flows level.

In addition to these well known databases, it is also possible for users to create their own datasets and share them with other users, adding information from databases like GaBi or US LCI.

Calculation processes in Air.e LCA are swift. Air.e LCA has the best calculation engine of all the Life Cycle tools on the market, these functionality allows the user to see environmental impact values under different methodologies real time.

The user will not have to wait to see the environmental impacts values, because they are all time on creen. These meens you can modify the Life cycle as many times as you want, and you will see the result in the environmental impacts you get. The user has more time to analyse results and create simulations in the Life Cycle.

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