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Air Emissions Management



The Intelex Air Emissions Management application enables users to store, track, forecast and report on multiple emission sources across individual facilities and roll-up the data to the corporate level.

  • Track waste management initiatives using a wide variety of categories including type, month, quantity shipped, quantity treated, hauler and disposal method.
  • Generate standard emission equations for a broad section of sources including combustion, painting, transportation, and many more.
  • Link location-specific thresholds with automated email notifications and create frequency-based tasks.
  • Easily add or configure equations to address unique emission calculations or forecast emission levels and automatically calculate CO2e from all GHG emission sources.
  • Report on emission inventories for single locations, divisions, and all business units with organization-wide roll up.
  • Push out regularly scheduled tasks to an unlimited number of locations and link activity data (including production rates, electricity consumption, boiler usage and vehicle usage) to emission equations configured to address business requirements.
  • Easily integrates with existing ERP or HR systems like SAP and Peoplesoft.

  • Gain complete visibility of all air emissions
    Use real-time reporting and dashboard capabilities to generate quick summaries of all emissions (e.g. total, GHG, criteria pollutants, VOC, etc.) for all individual facilities or across your entire organization.
  • Determine regulatory data
    Generate emission calculations for multiple sources (e.g. combustion, painting, transportation, etc.), including US EPA Mandatory Reporting rules.
  • Identify trends across multiple locations and sources
    Automatically generate boardroom-quality reports based on current data to analyze trends and identify opportunities to mitigate your environmental impacts and reduce costs.
  • Mitigate risks and avoid violations
    The system will automatically issue notifications when calculated or measured air emissions values exceed allowable levels or when permits need to be renewed, ensuring costly fines for violations are avoided.
  • Reduce costs and unlock efficiencies
    Boost your bottom line and allow environment personnel to improve your air quality programs by eliminating the manual activities associated with permit tracking and curbing duplicate data entry and information tracking.

The Air Emissions Management software application is available individually or as part of the Intelex Environmental Management System.

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