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The Alberding InspectRTCM software allows detailed content analysis and verification of different GNSS real-time data streams. It supports various data formats, including RTCM 2.x, RTCM 3.x, CMR, CMR+, RTCA, AIS VDL Message 17 and a number of proprietary binary formats. InspectRTCM shows the input data contents as ASCII text and prints the transmission delay of the individual messages.

InspectRTCM is an excellent tool for GNSS service providers to verify the contents of the supplied correction data. The software is independent from the data generating source and supports a multitude of communication protocols. GNSS service users can also benefit from InspectRTCM and use it for data analysis purposes.

  • Real-time visualisation of binary GNSS data.
  • Support of all RTCM 2.x and 3.x messages (including MSM and SSR).
  • Support of CMR and RTCA data (SISNeT and NovAtel format).
  • Automatic identification of RTCM data formats.
  • Support of TCP, UDP, Ntrip and serial data communication.
  • Display of recorded data for post-mission analysis.
  • System time delay control.
  • NMEA sending to support network RTK data streams.
  • Available for Linux and Windows platforms.
  • GUI and command line versions.

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