- Management System for Anatomic Pathology



ALFA21 APT is one of the few tools on the market today with the potential to meet the needs of such a specific sector. Create analysis with pictures, graphics, attach all kinds of information and files to the patient report.

REDUCE the waiting times

  • ALFA21 APT possesses an open architecture that adapts permanently to technological innovation

The Management System ALFA21 APT for Anatomic Pathology is a comprehensive software solution that allows you to fully manage the laboratory and is totally compatible with its environment. It has been developed using Microsoft Visual Studio. Its modular structure allows you to evolve according to your needs and budget. It can be installed on a single computer running Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 to a complex network running Windows 2003 / 2008 / 2012 Server. The application has been programmed to work with the relational databases MS Access and SQL Server. Additionally, the system is optimized to work in Terminal Server, Citrix, etc. environments allowing you to make connections between laboratories, independent of their physical location.

Easy to Use And Configure
ALFA21 APT has been designed with the aim of being easy to use and to logically follow the analysis process, from the receipt of the request to the issuing of the report. Configure with total liberty the maintenance files, report formats, the current regulations, etc.

ALFA21 Provides You With Strength, Flexibility And Security

  • The security of the information is guaranteed given that, apart from the standard identification of users, the program gives you the option of logging in through the LDAP server. Customise and limit the actions of each user registered in the application and select the modules of the program that they have access to. A complete auditor registers the activity and the traceability of the data during the use of the program, registering the date, time and user of each action. The program also provides you with tools to perform periodic and unattended backups.
  • ALFA21 APT is a multilingual and multilaboratory system: it allows various independent laboratories to work under the same program licence, sharing common resources and reducing costs. Differentiate the information that can be accessed by each one, configure the medical report as well as the devices available in the laboratories.

  • ALFA21 APT has a complete daily process that allows you to register requests, enter sample profiles, generate quotes, generate work lists, communicate with automatic analysers and other devices, fill in and validate the results, print medical reports, obtain different request lists, invoice private patients, perform customised invoices and supervise the pending tasks. Furthermore, contemplate specific modules of appointments, stat, reference laboratories, management of documents and images, manage the sample management, serum bank and incident management.
  • Generate bar codes in order to identify your samples. Our system provides you with different models of codification that allow you to adapt to any situation.

Flexible, Compact And Customizable

  • Automate the entry of requests by connecting to optical mark readers and obtain a flexible and accurate reading of requests.
  • The application allows you to connect with Hospital Information Systems (HIS) to obtain the demographic details of the patients from their medical record.
  • The communications with analysers are integrated in the program and are managed from a control panel. ALFA21 APT® is set up for the simultaneous communication with multiple analysers.

A Fundamental Pillar For The Growth Of Your Laboratory

  • Easily manage the previous results of the patients, viewing the 4 lasts results while entering the current ones. The management of results by Delta Check will allow you to compare them with the latest result.
  • Validate or revise the results of complete requests, of individual tests or automatically. Apply, if you wish, the double validation of the results, performing a primary test revision and later a final validation. Customise and define selection formula to facilitate the work of the professionals. Using action formulas you can also add, delete or modify results according to the conditions that you decide.
  • The application allows you to fully customise the medical report, modifying any aspect of the appearance and layout. You can incorporate different headers, formats, logos, digital signatures, fonts, colours, images, trend charts, functional test representations (e.g. the glucose curve), comments, etc.
  • Automatically distribute your medical reports, invoices and orders by assigning report destinations (fax, printer or e-mail). You can also apply digital signatures to your PDF documents to guarantee their integrity and authenticity.

Exploit The Full Potential Of Your Company

  • ALFA21 APT has a powerful Quality Control module with valued control serum or patient averages, with the possibility of obtaining Levey-Jennings, CUSUM charts or use Westgard rules.
  • The Incident Management Module will help you certify or accredit your laboratory according to the ISO standards. The users can register preventive actions, non-conformities or corrective actions related with whatever anomalous situation that can occur in the laboratory, as well as leaving notifications to the user recipients.
  • The application allows you to customise the language in which you are going to use ALFA21 APT®.
  • The statistics and management is optimized to generate different statistics and trend chart. The invoicing of companies, status reports and the invoice manager allow you to obtain and manage your invoices in paper as well as in the electronic format required by each of your companies.
  • A complete Inventory module allows you to manage the suppliers, reagents and consumables, with the option to discount the stock manually or automatically. Supervise the general status of the warehouse and obtain alerts about the stock and the expiry dates of the items. Completely manage your orders using the program, from their request until their receipt, being able to print any list type.
  • From cash you can register any economic transaction. The program also uses tools for results correction, order manager, change the currency, issue the test catalogue, the backup copies, etc.
  • The program is complemented with an advanced system of remote connection for technical assistance and with tools to facilitate learning: user manual, online help, tutorials, training videos and customer service.

ALFA21 allows you to grow according to your needs

  • You have the option to incorporate whatever functionality or work routine required by your laboratory. We find ourselves in continuous development of customised external programs according to the needs of our clients and the evolution of the sector. These are some examples:
  • The ALFA21 NET tool allows you to access your ALFA21 database using the Internet / Intranet. Make flexible the checking of results and the obtaining of reports accessing at any time or place using a web browser.
  • The sending of SMS service allows you to improve the service you give your patients. Send text messages to their mobile phones to inform them of the availability of your analytical results.

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