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Portfolio management needs are among the most common reasons driving our customers to look for PV monitoring solutions. PV monitoring software from AlsoEnergy allows you to see data from all your systems in a single interface, as well as aggregated data for the full portfolio. See critical performance indicators in map, graph, and table format, saving time and money every day. You will also be able to use our powerful software for cross-site analysis, portfolio-wide reports and performance alerts, and more.

No other PV monitoring provider can match our flexibility to visualize data from diverse projects in a single platform. You get a solution designed for versatility, giving you maximum freedom to accommodate a wide range of projects with a single provider and a single software interface.

We can also create portfolio subset displays for your clients with multiple monitored systems. This gives your clients all the benefits of our portfolio management tools without exposing data from other systems in your own master portfolio.

AlsoEnergy has worked closely with O&M contractors and other asset managers to create a full suite of portfolio management tools, covering a wide variety of needs. These tools make it possible for you to remotely administer a complete portfolio of PV projects, and can provide actionable performance insights as you plan future systems.

The standard portfolio overview landing page for PowerTrack users is shown here. This page shows aggregated generation data for your full portfolio as well as generation data for all  individual sites in a single interface. You can customize these page-views to display the data points and analytics that are most important to you. The example shown here has chosen a timeline view of active alerts at the top of the page.

This page view shows all systems in your portfolio in an interactive map display. A pin is dropped on the map for each site in your fleet. Pin color indicates site status metrics, including active alerts and deployment stage. You may access page views for any given site by clicking on the site name.

The Solar Statistics page view is your go-to display to see aggregated portfolio data alongside individual system data in a single interface. DECK Solar Statistics displays give you a range of useful data points and calculations at a glance. This table can also be filtered, allowing you to group sites by hardware devices, geographic location, system size, system age, and other user-defined variables.

The Solar Statistics page in DECK Monitoring software shows a wide range of analytics beyond the portfolio overview table shown above. One example is the Peak Performance vs DC Nameplate Rating graph shown here.  This concentric circle graph shows a snapshot performance index for your full portfolio with monthly granularity.

Note that all analytics available in Solar Statistics portfolio overview pages are also available at the system level in the DECK Monitoring platform.

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