- Manage Water Like Inventory Software


APANA delivers powerful analytics so you can eliminate water waste, reduce compliance risk, and save money.

  • High resolution data capture 24/7, down to the second, for coverage of your built environment.
  • Analytics with a large-scale library of distinct water signatures from cooling towers to sinks.
  • Automated step-by-step instructions for rapid resolution of waste events.

  1. Scans your built environment 24/7
    Smart Internet of Things (loT) sensors capture high resolution data from across your water infrastructure.
    Placed in select areas of your building or facility, these sensor continuously scan water movement. Data is sent to APANA's secure, cloud-hosted analytics engine.
  2. Analyzes incoming data to identify waste events
    Incoming data is constantly read by advanced proprietary analytics. The system looks for patterns and discrepancies across 1000's of potential failure points to pinpoint waste events.
    Waste is identified in hidden equipment malfunctions, or in plain sight, like hoses left running or excess shift use.
  3. Automated guidance for rapid resolution of waste events
    When waste events are identified, staff and managers are sent instant, actionable alerts.
    Guidance contains automated step-by-step instructions telling operators there is a problem, where it is, and how to resolve it. Rapid remediation eliminates waste, cuts costs and reduces compliance risk.

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