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With APQP.Net you are able to define and plan processes in a simple and standard-compliant manner and realize these processes in the most practical way. It allows you to depict processes transparently and in simple, well-organized structures, so that everyone in your company can understand, enter, and continually optimize important data. All of this makes it the ideal tool for process visualization compliant with ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, or ISO 13485.

  • Practice based and standard-compliant project control
  • Consistent tracking of product lifecycle
  • Due-date monitoring via target / actual comparisons
  • Project execution via predefined steps
  • Reporting and individual job / action lists
  • Visualization of information
  • Milestone evaluations
  • Monitoring of degree of fulfillment
  • Detection and evaluation of potentials for improvement
  • Allocation of process steps, indicator values, and characteristics
  • Effective organization and implementation of actions
  • Visualize process order and interdependencies


Production or service procedures, internal processes, and workflows need to be described in virtually every company. APQP.Net® allows you to visualize these processes in a well-structured and transparent manner that can be easily understood by everyone in the company. After implementing your processes, they can be put in to practice immediately and be continuously improved throughout their lifecycle.

The visualization of processes is, however, only one of the many functions in APQP.Net®. It, for instance, also allows you to devise follow-up projects that include milestone schedules, cost factors, and resource plans with the data from your visualized processes. APQP.Net® will then track these projects all the way to their automatic documentation. You can hereby apply the Advanced Product Quality Planning standard forms according to ISO/TS 16949 as well as related status reports and your own company-specific product development processes.


Increasingly shorter product lifecycles, ever increasing quality demands, and growing cost pressure are only a few of the aspects that today’s management is confronted with on a day-to-day basis. On the one hand the applicable standards and regulations must be adhered to and, on the other hand, lean yet flexible structures must be implemented in order to facilitate advantages over the competition.

Define and plan processes in a simple, comfortable, and standard-compliant manner and realize these processes in the most practical way

APQP.Net® provides a system for precisely this. It gives you everything you need for efficient project planning and increasing the structural efficiency in your company. Project workflows and processes can be optimized and the quality level of products and developments can be increased accordingly. APQP.Net® allows you to plan and monitor your development processes even before production orders have been commissioned. Complex projects can be subdivided into part-projects which, in turn, can be allocated to internal or external groups such as individual suppliers or production plants and departments.

This supports the development of products, production facilities, tools, gauges, and inspection devices as well as the selection of the most suitable suppliers. APQP.Net® goes way beyond conventional document management and facilitates a reduction of costs, minimization of risks, and increase in profit and quality.
The system can be easily and flexibly adjusted to meet the individual requirements of your customers. Your employees can therefore be guided through the required steps that apply for each customer and each individual project. Steps that are not required will be skipped automatically and you can define the level of detail for each and every project in advance.

The ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, and ISO 13485 standards demand process-oriented visualization of company processes. They require that you define process responsibilities, targets, interdependencies, and results. That is why the rapid and secure visualization of processes in APQP.Net® allows you to create a well-structured and logical documentation of you QM system. Use APQP.Net® or the available web-applications as user-friendly graphic interface of your QM handbook and apply the individual CAQ.Net® modules to conduct standard-compliant document management and make information available to all your employees via web-applications and APQP.Net®.


Gantt-Diagrams ensure that you always keep an overview of your dates, deadlines and the individual project processes, part-processes, and process steps. Standard-compliant checklists devised in accordance with e.g. ISO/TS 16949, ISO 13485, or VDA Volume 6.3 guarantee that required content is entered when regulations demand it. You can, of course, also create your own checklists to meet your individual requirements.

CAQ AG’s action management module JobControl.Net® can, of course, also be fully integrated in order to ensure that dates, jobs, and actions are automatically monitored. Team members and the persons responsible for executing actions can then receive well-structured overviews via APQP.Net®, which they can then process directly and update the project progress accordingly. Once a job has been done, a simple click on “Job Completed” suffices to update the project workflow.

APQP.Net® is fully integrated in your CAQ.Net® system. This means that every detail can be included in other jobs or actions. Whether FMEAs, control plans, complaint evaluations, inspection reports SPC/control charts, error statistics, supplier evaluations, capability inspections (MFU, PFU, MSA), maintenance plans, or documents such as discussion protocols, CAD-drawings, diagrams, customer/supplier agreements, evaluations, or links to customer portals – everything can be added, retrieved, or linked to wherever you require it. Of course any document changes are automatically recorded and previous versions of documents can always be retrieved from the system.

APQP.Net® allows you to systematically visualize, analyze, and evaluate your processes. This means you can pinpoint weak-points as well as define actions and include dates, measurement entities, and persons responsible. In default configuration, APQP.Net® uses the same shared CAQ.Net® database that all other modules use. This means that all data is available in all modules – automatically and without need for further interfaces. As is the case for all other modules, entered data always includes multi-language support if required. The form generator Form.Net® also works in conjunction with APQP.Net®, thus allowing you to freely create and format all your forms and reports.

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