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AQUA3D is a program developed to solve three-dimensional groundwater flow and transport problems using the Galerkin finite-element method. AQUA3D solves transient groundwater flow with in homogeneous and anisotropic flow conditions. Boundary conditions may be prescribed nodal head and prescribed flow as a function of time or head-dependent flow. AQUA3D also solves transient transport of contaminants and heat with convection, decay, adsorption and velocity-dependent dispersion. Boundary conditions may be either prescribed nodal concentration (temperature) or prescribed dispersive mass (heat) flux.

First developed in 1983 as a 2-D model, AQUA has been continuously upgraded. It has been used worldwide to solve the most difficult modeling problems.

The latest development isAQUA3Dfor the Windows 95/98/2000/NT environment compiled to obtain maximum efficiency in model set up, the fastest model run times and multi-platform capability. A DOS 2D version of AQUA is also available.

  • Areal variation of all geological parameters. Geological layers can be entered in the model as they occur in nature. A layer can exist or not exist anywhere in the model area. Layers can be separated or connected by any number of faults and the hydraulic characteristics of those faults and the layers they connect precisely specified. User control of cross sections for editing input and viewing output is included.
  • Any layer can be wetted and dewatered anywhere within the model area any number of times. The saturation level at which a layer is to be considered dry can be set manually by the user which is useful for increasing the speed of the initial calibration runs where there are a small number of thin aquifers in a multiple-aquifer system.
  • Real time-varying data can be entered from actual observed records. The software automatically accepts different time bases and calculates intermediate values. Any number of pumping wells with their own different time-varying abstraction record can be input at the start of the run eliminating the need to worry about different stress periods. Multiple infiltration areas can be defined, each with their own time-varying infiltration record. The areal recharge can be varied according to geological outcrop or topographical controls. Infiltration enters into the uppermost layer. If that layer does not exist, it is defined as zero thickness and then the infiltration goes into the next layer.
  • Rivers or estuaries can be simulated in three different ways. An average head condition can be specified with leakage into or out of the aquifer depending on the surrounding aquifer head. An intermittent leakage condition can be defined so that when groundwater level falls below the bed of the river, leakage can cease or become constant. A variable head condition can be defined for each river node where the hydraulic head varies according to a known analytical function or according to real river water level hydrograph data. The time-varying hydrograph data can be entered at whatever time interval is desired. Tidal gauge data can also be used.
  • The contaminant transport model is fully integrated with the flow model using the same data input and output screen formats.
  • Retardation, dispersion, diffusion and bacteriological/radiological decay are included in the transport model.
  • Once a model is set up, it can be changed at any time, layers can be added or removed, the model boundary expanded or contracted, and nodes added or removed. Submodels can be automatically created from any part of the original model.

  • Automatic mesh generation.
  • Local and global mesh condensation.
  • Option of creating a submesh from the main model domain.
  • All necessary information such as sources, boundary conditions, etc., are transferred automatically to the submesh.
  • Graphical output of all results, contours, flow arrows and timeseries.
  • Can be used without any further knowledge of input and output data.
  • Automatic timestep refinement during calculation.
  • Direct transfer of result to either SURFER, GRAPHER or Excel (CSV-forum).

AQUA3Dincludes the executable version, full color graphics, extensive user's manual and technical support.

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