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- Integrated Power and Water Resource System Software


Interactive and user-friendly simulation of integrated power and water resource system operation. Optimisation of stored water values and system operating policies.

Programming Language(s)

  • MS Visual Basic, Version 6.

Program Authorship

  • Ken Howard (2000-02) ; Tim Wyatt (2002-)

Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000 and XP.

Software Security

  • Hardware protection device ('dongle')

Simulation Time Step

  • Variable (user defined); daily, weekly or calendar monthly.

Generalisation Level

  • Full.

Input Data Editing

  • Direct using on-screen templates.

  • Specific (optional) consideration of transmission lines (including losses), multiple electricity and water demand areas, monthly maximum and minimum plant outputs;
  • On screen definition of system components and configuration ('drag and drop');
  • Coincident optimisation of water flows (reservoir releases), generation plant load dispatch and aqueduct & transmission line flows;
  • Reservoir operating policies defined by calendar weekly or monthly varying long-term stored water values;
  • Electricity demands, water demands and inflows can be input as seasonally varying (profiled) quantities or as time series;
  • Up to 24 load dispatch blocks, with the facility to specify individual minimum and maximum generating plant outputs by block;
  • Explicit consideration of demand area dependent supply deficit costs and preventive rationing measures;
  • Real-time graphical outputs showing user selected (daily) reservoir contents, generating plant outputs, river reach and transmission line flows.
  • Automatic storage of results in MS-ACCESS database format for subsequent viewing and retrieval.
  • Calculation of marginal costs by load block at electricity demand centres and transmission nodes, and at water demand areas.
  • Mimic diagram displays of simulation results. Average, daily and individual load block values can be shown.
  • Graphical, tabular and spreadsheet compatible file outputs for any combination of simulation time series values.

Optimisation Methods Employed

  • Reservoir Release / Load Dispatch Optimisation : (Proprietary) Linear Programming (LP) algorithm.
  • Operating Policy Optimisation : (Proprietary) Stochastic Value Iteration Dynamic Programming (DP) Algorithm.

Help System

  • On-line indexed system.

Related PWSC Software

  • None.

Third Party Software Compatibility

  • Simulation outputs in MS ACCESS .MDB format.

Systems Applied To

  • Demonstration system: 5 reservoirs, 3 hydro plants, 1 pump storage unit, 2 thermal plants, 2 wind plants, 10 transmission lines, 2 transmission nodes, 2 electricity demand areas, 16 rivers, 5 flow points, 3 river abstractions, 1 treatment works, 1 pumping station, 9 aqueducts and 5 water demand areas.
  • United Utilities Water Integrated Water Resource/Supply System: 19 reservoirs, 44 river reaches, 29 flow points, 13 river abstractions, 11 water sources, 19 treatment works, 14 pumping stations, 36 supply aqueducts, 74 transfer aqueducts, 16 junction points and 23 water demand areas.

Potential Applications

  • Short and long-term operations and system development planning.
  • Economic evaluation of alternative IPP proposals. Optimisation of stored water values for privatised system operation. Load dispatch optimisation, with or without (load flow) transmission constraints.

Further Developments

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Current Availability

  • Available for on-site demonstration.

Indicative Prices

  • Perpetual User Licences (Per PC or Workstation):
  • Water Resource/Supply Systems:Simulation £POA - Simulation & Optimisation £POA.
  • Power & Water Resource/Supply Systems: Simulation £POA - Simulation & Optimisation £POA.
  • Annual User Licences are also available.

Related Consultancy Services

  • Creation of client system model input files, installation, model functioning verification, user training, bespoke enhancements.

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