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WRA now sell Aquator in conjunction with Oxford Scientific Software Ltd. This software has been used to analyse the resources of two of the largest water companies in the UK: Thames and Severn-Trent.

Aquator is a powerful application for developing and running conjunctive use water resource system models. It is equally at home with simple models having just a few components as well as large, detailed, models comprising many hundreds of components. The largest river basins in the United Kingdom are modelled using Aquator.

Both the natural river system and the water supply network can be modelled. River regulation, forecasting, travel times, the ability to include catchment (hydrological) models and the differentiation of river flow at any point into its 'natural', 'cumulative abstraction' and 'release' components are some of the features available on river networks. On the supply side, water is used to meet demand using a proven algorithm that seeks to minimise cost, but preserve the state of resources.
The inclusion of Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA), the same macro language used in Excel, allows any degree of customisation that may needed. This means that Aquator can model complex systems more accurately than other packages. Oxford Scientific Software is a Microsoft® VBA partner.

Aquator itself can also be be built into other applications to provide the water resources input. For example an Excel spreadsheet macro can start Aquator, run a model and abstract the results. Aquator can also be part of a GIS solution using the same mechanism.


Aquator is a powerful application for building and running water resources computer models. It is used by water utility companies in the UK to determine whether water networks can supply sufficient water to meet customer demand and by environment agencies to audit company models and develop their own policies on water abstraction.You can build simple models with a few components or large, complex models with over 1000 components. With reduced cost of developing models and flexibility to deal with the challenges posed by climate change, users who adopt Aquator find it to be their water resource modelling software of choice.

  • Drag and drop model construction from over 40 types of component
  • Full conjunctive water use optimised each day on cost and resource state
  • Step-by-step execution displays flows on schematic for easy problem diagnosis
  • Animated schematic shows reservoir levels change and when supplies fail
  • Customisable operation using Microsoft Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA)
  • Facilities to manage time series data with transfer from & to Microsoft Excel®
  • Internal water balance checks
  • Daily time step
  • Open architecture allowing third parties to add new components and features
  • Multiple projects can be loaded simultaneously or run in parallel
  • Context-sensitive HTML help with 500-page manual in PDF format

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