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- Process Control System


ARAbella local process control system is a visualization and control software for processes in water and waste water applications. ARAbella is designed for the very simple process control of waste water systems. All controls and displays are extremely user-friendly and support intuitive operation. The user can change processes, monitor and track states at any time.

  • Log-in/access from any web browser anywhere in the world.
  • Very easy to grasp by user specific design and graphic display
  • Modular design for customer’s individual solutions
  • Management module for optimum water management
  • Automatic reports and statistics for sewage treatment plant and water supply users
  • Very simple alarm management with alarm priorities
  • Visualization of processes, process data, load curves, logs, switching states and measuring values
  • Access to variable process parameters and limits
  • Individual link-up with and data transfer to external systems
  • Remote access from the home office or by smart phone without complicated configuration
  • Zooming without loss of resolution (vector graphics)
  • Documents (electrical diagrams, operation manuals, etc) can be stored and referenced by the maintenance personnel via smart phone at any time.

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