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- Natural Disaster Control Software


Natural Disasters are not predetermined so there is lack of planning and not enough time to respond, therefore resulting in economical, social and human loses. AratosDisasterControl is an Integrated Open Platform of Satellite Data. It uses satellite data in order to solve the problems of planning, prevention and damage assessment of natural or manmade disasters. All of the data is depicted in GIS platforms.

ADC is based on a client-server architecture model with focus on:

  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Integrity

of data and functions.

ADC follows the principles  of

Google’s strength:

  • Open Architecture Platform
  • Interconnection with any other support systems
  • Easy addition of new data layers
  • Continuous improvement with new technologies – Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud -

SAR imagery provides high resolution information even in nighttime and cloudy areas.

They are effective for detecting small movements in ground both for land and water monitoring.

Finally, ADC allows the integration of GPS data.

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