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The turnkey solution ARGUS/Process is designed for the reliable monitoring of industrial processes using UV, VIS , and NIR spectroscopy. The level of concentrations of chemicals, color values, or empirical quality values can be continuously tracked according to the method configured by the user.

  • Spectroscopic measurement of gases and liquids
  • Spectral range: UV, VIS , NIR
  • Continuous data acquisition in the process stream by fiberoptic probes and process spectrometers
  • Immediate interpretation of the measured data
  • Results are transmitted to master systems (system or process control) and displayed on screen
  • Up to eight points of measurement can be surveyed by one single application
  • Calculation of colorimetric data
  • Determination of concentrations by multi-linear regression
  • Determination of mass flows and integral mass of the observed substances
  • Flexible measurement cycle programming with the possibility to control other devices
  • Alarm generation by observation of spectra and calculated values
  • Offline recalculation and spectra browsing
  • File and printer logging

  • Secure control of industry processes
  • Process-monitoring package with high safety of operation and low learning effort due to convenient and reliable control of hardware and intuitive and robust software
  • Long-life investment with low operational costs due to easy modification of the configuration by the user
  • Broad field of applications thanks to use of the whole spectral information, in contrast with traditional single-wavelength measurement

Agilent 8453, Beckman DU800®,Varian Cary 50, J&M Tidas I, PerkinElmer LAMBDA 2/20/25/35/45, Pharma Test SA500, Shimadzu UV-1700PharmaSpec, Tec5, Thermo Evolution300, Kontron Uvikon XL, Zeiss MCS5XX

ADDI DATA APCI 3001, Adlink 6208A/6308A/7250, Applicom Profibus-DP

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