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Asset Finder allows quick and easy data queries in Smallworld GIS. It has been designed for trained and untrained GIS users who only occasionally request asset information. The desired queries can be configured by the administrator and may contain any possible object or attribute name as a synonym for the applied GIS name.

Both the use of common language and the easy application are combined in a comfortable user interface. The user chooses attributes from a list and enters the query conditions. The results analysis of Asset Finder is of high performance and offers many user-friendly processing functions like filtering, grouping or displaying data as well as the export of the results to the Small world Explorer or the display in the graphical map.

Allowing easy asset queries, Asset Finder is the ideal add-on for query clients and for mobile GIS clients.
With the Asset Finder you can quickly answer questions like:

  • Which substations contain circuit breakers of a certain kind?
  • For which cable sections of a certain year of construction have certain types of wires been used?
  • Which gas or water mains consist of a defined material and are of a certain age?

  • Fast and simple search/query of resource data
  • Intuitive handling
  • Ideal for sporadic GIS users
  • Higher acceptance, in particular forsimple query applications
  • Flexible and user-friendly configuration

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