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Equipment Management On Demand: What are the maintenance requirements for your on-site equipment? Are you meeting all of your equipment's regulatory requirements? When are the next permit renewals due? Which assets are contributing to your carbon emissions? These are some of the questions that ePortal's Asset Management module helps you to answer in a simple and easy-to-use interface. The Asset Management module of Locus' ePortal application allows users to input and manage equipment located at each facility/site for a single site, or in a portfolio of facilities/ sites. You define the types of equipment (assets) to track; then you can track a variety of attributes for these assets and assign tasks to them. In addition, the assets can be displayed on a map, along with any related tasks, for easy visual reference.

The Asset Management module, which is tightly integrated with Locus' ePortal, allows you to not only track all your important site equipment, but also their regulatory or in-house requirements. For example, there may be required maintenance, inspections, and monitoring to perform, ageing equipment to replace, and permits to renew. With the Asset Management module, you can track all this information in one place and even receive email notifications regarding their required tasks.

With Asset Management Module, you choose what attributes you want to track from a number of categories, including status, contents, size, construction material, location, when it was constructed or installed, regulatory requirements, usage, and many more criteria. Once you enter the data, users can view reports on equipment by site, type, status, contents, or capacity. You can configure the Asset Management module to meet your unique requirements, and you can integrate it with other Locus data sources, including Air and Greenhouse Gases, Resource Management (Sustainability), or EIM analytical data modules.

  • Task rollup and monitoring
  • Share asset attributes across different modules
  • Users can define the equipment, attributes, and activities to track
  • Create reports and charts for routine corporate reporting
  • Easy to customize to meet industry-specific requirements
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) and robust security features

  • Quick deployment lowers costs. Be up and running immediately with minimal training
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Streamlined interface and navigation are designed for ease of use
  • Supports corporate reporting with built-reports and charts
  • Eliminate software installation and update headaches

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