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The world around you is going digital. With advances in sensor technology and the explosion of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), data have the potential to be your most valuable assets – providing you with actionable insights and full visibility of data to make smarter decisions. Get started today using Bentley’s specialized applications to help you gather insights, make better decisions, and create your own operational and analytical dashboards. These dashboards are made with our flexible and easy to use capabilities, which can then be shared and accessed from any web browser.

Specialized Applications of Operational Analytics:

Chemical and Corrosion Management

Oil and gas producers can save millions in the cost of chemicals while ensuring asset integrity using the knowledge, expertise, and analytics found within AssetWise Operational Analytics. Gain visibility into exactly what chemicals are being used, when, and where and learn how much to use over time and become more efficient and productive.

Rail and Track Condition Analysis with Linear Asset Decision Support

Safe and reliable travel by rail is made possible when you know exactly when and where you need to do track maintenance. Forecast trends and make timely and accurate decisions on maintenance, renewals, and life extensions.

AssetWise starts with situational awareness, visualizing and understanding assets in their current operating context and being able to compare to design basis and as-built. Operational Analytics and machine learning elevate awareness to situational intelligence, empowering you with an ever-evolving and dynamic environment that scales as your business grows. Situational intelligence is created from historical and current data, as well as future predictions, and provides you with the information to make faster and more reliable decisions. 

With situational intelligence, you gain up-to-the-minute understanding of operational performance data, asset condition, and maintenance data, as well as costs. Situational intelligence also helps you identify areas for improvement to increase safety and reliability and optimize asset or operational performance.

With AssetWise Operational Analytics, you can:

  • Predict future performance and patterns to allow for proactive interventions or actions to minimize downtime with advanced analytics techniques, such as machine learning, across linear and non-linear assets
  • Effectively harness all asset and operations-related data for decision support that reduces operational costs and improves performance and productivity
  • Converge operational and IT data with engineering data in a centralized dashboard with key performance indicators (KPIs) that help you visualize status and understand day-to-day operational performance
  • Make the most of your data by deriving hidden insights, creating maximum visibility across the whole operation or network
  • Bring in data from multiple sources across the organization to form a complete picture of how you are currently performing now and how it can be improved

Conduct advanced predictive analytics with data science and machine learning
Using a combination of advanced analytical and data science techniques, let machine learning revolutionize your decision making by giving you insights into your data and the ability to predict asset failures or operational events.

Converge operational, IT, and engineering data for decision support
Gain context, clarity, and confidence for better operational decisions by converging operational and IT data with digital engineering models for right-time predictions and informed actions that can then be automated for dynamic management of asset performance.

Create actionable information using the Amulet calculation engine
Construct arithmetic and Boolean calculations that validate operational data and forecast asset performance. Use simple or complex calculations on any data point in the system and include attributes as part of the calculation to create more meaningful and actionable information.

Manage chemicals and corrosion
Oil and gas producers can save millions of dollars in chemical costs while ensuring asset integrity by using the built-in chemical management analytics in AssetWise. Gain visibility into exactly what chemicals are being used, when, where, and how much to use and become more efficient.

Schedule and create KPI reports
Create ad-hoc reports using only the data needed for a specific purpose and share with others. Schedule any report to be delivered to your email address on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. Alternatively, create and share reports directly from dashboards and save and access them for reuse in the cloud.

Visualize performance with interactive dashboards
Bring your data to life by making your whole operation and network visible, providing the right people with the right information at the right time. Model performance based on past and real-time information to determine what could happen in the future, allowing you to act now.

Analyze rail and track condition
Analyze and compare large volumes of current and historic track and rail asset data so you can more effectively plan maintenance resources and activities. Make better decisions about track and other maintenance-of-way assets. Maximize track capacity and ensure on-time reliability, while reducing costs and optimizing planned outage times.

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