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Audit Tracking



While auditors are preparing for the next audit, the EPOCH Audit Module can track the status of each finding for all previous audits. Through a series of on-screen and printed reports, this comprehensive tracking system will insure that all findings are resolved on time.


The Auditing Module can help you manage all aspects of an audit program: Before the Audit...

  • Lists all unresolved findings from the previous audit.
  • Analyze problem areas from previous audits.
  • Prints a copy of the last audit report.

After the Audit...

  • Assists in writing the audit report by listing the comments from other audits with similar findings.
  • Records the names of team members, time spent on audit, and travel costs.
  • Records the date of each update on each finding.
  • Determines which action plans are due or late.

When the Action Plan is approved...

  • Records interim solutions, projected completion dates, and final solutions.
  • Lists findings that have no action plan.

Status Reports

  • Produces reports on late findings and generates tickler reports for each facility.
  • Informs management on the number of resolved and unresolved findings.


  • Identifies common problem areas to help proactively manage environmental affairs.
  • Determine areas that require extra training, legal review or management oversight.
  • Reduces paper by streamlining the audit tracking process.
  • Saves time by allowing facilities to update the status of each finding on-line.
  • Interfaces with company E-Mail systems to insure a timely response to finding resolution dates.


The Audit Module is integrated with the EPOCH Calendar Module to E-Mail warning messages to a user defined mailing list when Audit Findings are scheduled to be resolved.

  • Determines the cost of administering an audit program.
  • Determines the number of findings by category (air, water, safety, OSHA, etc.).
  • Lists all late findings by priority.
  • Tracks each audit by one of the following status codes: Scheduled, Awaiting Action Plan, Tracking, Awaiting Close Out, Closed or Reopened.
  • Stores imported text for: company requirements, regulatory requirements, audit findings, and corrective action plans.
  • Imports audit reports or action plans from an ASCII file or word processing file.
  • Allows audit information to be entered on a PC during the facility audit and uploaded to a server at the office for tracking and permanent storage.

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