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Cerno Bioscience proudly introduces AutoID, a new MS software product built from its flagship MassWorks™premium software, which won the Most Innovative Product award at PittCon 2006 for enabling formula ID on even a single quadrupole MS, a capability typically reserved for higher resolution MS systems. Details of this innovative MS processing technology have recently been published in a cover feature article in Anal. Chem. 2010, 82, 7055-7062. By automating this patented calibration and formula ID process on the widely available workhorse quadrupole MS systems, AutoID brings the 100x improvement in mass accuracy and the unparalleled spectral accuracy (up to 99.9%) seamlessly to a routine laboratory at all times. With both accurate mass and high spectral accuracy, AutoID allows any user to either
confirm a given formula or propose possible formulas in a fully automated fashion without any human intervention or manual operations.

AutoID completely removes the manual steps required of a conventional formula determination process, including the introduction of calibration standard(s), the user selection of ions and elemental parameters, the report generation and delivery. For highly automated applications such as those in open access or walk-up environment, AutoID not only brings the formula ID capability to non-expert MS users including synthetic or medicinal chemists but also reduces the burden placed on analytical chemists or mass spectrometrists who support these functions. With the formula ID capability now seamlessly available to non-expert users on a routine yet reliable quadrupole MS system, significant savings in time, effort, and hardware costs can be achieved.

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