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- Stack Test Data Collection With Virtual Logger Software



Agilaire’s AV-Test program includes its tester-friendly AV-Trend software with a virtual ‘software’ data logger and control system, allowing your PC/laptop to be used as the test system hardware. Background service performs data acquisition via off-the-shelf 4-20mA modules or Modbus connection to gas analyzers. Calibration and/or test sequencing and control of solenoid valves can also be run via off-the-shelf relay modules.

Available on Google Play

AV-Test stores data (5-second to 1-minute intervals) for trend displays, and the user can easily select records for ‘on the fly’ averaging or copy/paste to existing Excel test forms.

AV-Test can also be programmed with multi-level tests, allowing the user to ‘walk through’ a test sequence, manually determining the data averaging periods, with the averages of each test level stored in a single sequence record, easily exported or recalled in a standard report.

Agilaire’s AV-Test Digital Strip Chart and Trending System generates graphic charts like these with just a few mouse clicks!

User-Friendly Windows Interface

Attach memos to points of interest

Combines the power of multi-tasking with the ease of Windows. Allows operator to view one or more charts simultaneously, click the mouse to instantly see a table of the chart data, or generate a printout by simply selecting Print Chart or Print Grid from the top ribbon.

Low Cost
No special data logger hardware required, inexpensive off the shelf I/O modules.

Can be interfaced to major brand analyzers (Thermo, API) via Ethernet interface.

Convenient Memo Capability

View multiple charts simultaneously

Tester can add annotations to data or use the general logbook to store notes, with date/time stamps, category, and username recorded.

Flexible Data Reporting
Reports can be generated in graphical or tabular formats. Output can be viewed, printed, or saved to a file in a variety of formats (CSV, XLS, HTML, PDF, etc).

Run programmed sequences

  • No Special Hardware required- standard Windows PC, digital connection to analyzers or off-the-shelf I/O modules for 4-20mA and relay outputs
  • Graphical Chart Trend with Tabular Data
  • Drag-select / right click ‘instant average’
  • Easy export / copy into Excel test sheets/forms
  • Optional ‘walk through’ sequencing for multi-point tests
  • Preconfigured instrument / sequence templates available
  • Calibration sequencing / reports

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