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Digi-Trend For Windows – Now AV-Trend. Perhaps the most versatile data acquisition system, Digi-Trend / AV-Trend turns a regular PC and Model 8816/8832 data logger into a digital strip chart system that can be used to augment the interface at an ambient monitoring site, or as a stand-alone data acquisition system for laboratory testing, process monitoring, or Compliance Assurance Monitoring (CAM) applications.

Digi-Trend / AV-Trend provides real-time charting of 10-second or 1-minute averages from the data logger, as well as one-button switching to a spreadsheet display of data for easy copy-and-paste to Microsoft Excel or other applications.

AV-Trend includes its own library of standard reports and chart output, making it a relatively sophisticated data management system- all for a modest price.

Agilaire's AV-Trend Digital Strip Chart and Trending system provides a superior alternative to conventional paper and electronic strip chart records. The AV-Trend software simulates traditional stripchart output, allowing the user to see precise trend values by just hovering the mouse over a chart line point, or using the tabular display to the right of the trend.

Multiple average intervals from 5 seconds to hourly averages are supported, and charts can be printed or exported in a variety of formats for inclusion in reports or presentations. Multiple chart profiles can be saved for one-button recall, and the charts support wheel-mouse zoom in/out for detailed review of events.

The AV-Trend system consists of a Model 8816.8832 or Agilaire 8872 data logger connected to a standard PC. charting up to 99 parameters for much less than the cost of a typical 2-channel chart recorder. Electronic storage also means that data annotation and archiving are streamlined.

The AV-Trend system can also be remotely synchronized with Agilaire's AirVision central data management software, passing all values, annotations, and site logbook entries automatically. Configuration updates can also be 'pushed down'from the central server or synchronized between the two nodes.


User-Friendly Windows Interface
Combines the power of multi-tasking with the ease of Windows. Allows operator to view one or more charts simultaneously, click the mouse to instandysee a table of the chart data, or generate a printout by simply selecting Print Chart or Print Grid from the top ribbon.

Competitive Cost
The Initial cost is comparable to that of a two-channel strip chart recorder.

Reduced Operating Expenses
Eliminates replacement parts costs for pens, charts, etc., and streamlines the process of marking and archiving data.

Increased Reliability
Data, including time tags, is stored In the data logger's internal battery-backed RAM. There are no moving parts to wear out and no data Is lost In die event of powerfailure.

Automatic Functions
Data retrieval and storage are carried out automatically.

Simplified Data Viewing
Easily locate and scroll through any data from one to three parameters at a time and zoom in on points of interest, etc.

Convenient Memo Capability
Allows the operator to type in notes and attach them to selected data points.

Operators can keep a log of their activities, with automatic date/time stamping of each entry.

Seamless Integration with Spreadsheets

Allows operator to put chart data into third-party spreadsheets for additional processing and reporting without stopping AV-Trend. Selected data can simply be copied from AV-Trend and pasted into the spreadsheet.

Flexible Data Reporting
Reports can be generated in graphical or tabular formats. Output can be viewed, printed, or saved to a file in a variety of formats (CSV, XLS, HTML PDF, etc).

Greater Flexibility
The bask system supports up to 8 input channels, and can be expanded to as many as 96 input/output channels.

Automatic Alarm Feature
Flags data during power outages, calibration periods, and high or low set point exceedances, etc

Troubleshooting Capability
The AV-Trend system can continuously monitor any specific sensor output in real-time.

Greater Security
Configuration of parameters and displays can be changed only by an authorized user with a valid password.

  • Higher accuracy thapaper strip chart: ±0.1%
  • Automated data retrieval and storage
  • Data presentatioistrip chart form
  • Data annotation
  • Event trending
  • Seamless integratiowith spreadsheet
  • Sensor output monitoring
  • Zoom data viewing
  • Graphical displays & tabular reports
  • Time/date stamped log book

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