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WHAM-Job Safety Analysis Software (JSA) includes User Definable Databases of Common Hazards & Controls. WHAM-Lockout Tagout Software includes User Definable Databases of Common Hazardous Energies, Magnitudes and Locks and Tags. WHAM-Risk Software includes User Definable Hazards & Controls and Frequency & Severity. WHAM-CSE includes user definable Atmospheric Testing, Hazard Assessment & Entry Team. Cloning Capability for Utilization of Existing Documents. User Definable Databases in all WHAM Job Safety Software. Attach Photos, Drawings, MSDS's and Other Files. Network Enabled - Share Files with Multiple Users. Customizable Templates for User/Company Specific Documents. Create and View Documents Through Company Intranet. Key Word Search of Intranet Documents. AZ Spell Check for Flawless Document Quality.

Our job hazard analysis software was developed to assist workplace safety professionals in providing solutions for Lockout/Tagout, Job Hazard Analysis, Workplace Safety, Job Safety Analysis, Risk Assessment, Hazard Assessment, Ergonomics Assessment and Confined Space Entry. Current WHAM software products include WHAM-JSA for Job Safety Analysis, WHAM-Ergo for Job Safety and Ergonomic Analysis, WHAM-Lock for Lockout/Tagout, WHAM-Risk for Risk Assessment and WHAM-CSE for Confined Space Entry procedure creation. In addition to software the AWS team also provides data conversion, training, technology consulting, technology seminars, template development and custom programming services. Call us to discuss your needs.

The team at Automated Workplace Safety represents years of real-world experience in safety, management, OSHA law and software development working together to bring you simple, powerful and affordable solutions to your safety challenges.

Work related injuries are an issue to take very seriously. Each year, in the United State alone, the costs associated with injury and illness from occupational related hazards exceeds hundreds of billions of dollars. Fortunately, with proper analysis and safety protocols in place, a vast portion of these incidents can be avoided.

As you will see once you download the WHAM Software Demo, WHAM-JSA, WHAM-Risk, WHAM-Lock and WHAM-CSE are excellent tools that allow users to:

  • Create, share and update Job Safety Analysis, Lockout/Tagout, Risk Assessment and Confined Space Entry data in an easy to use, user definable, point and click command button environment.
  • Attach documents to your Job Safety Analysis, Lockout/Tagout, Risk Assessment and Confined Space Entry data such as photo's, manufacturers safety specifications, MSDS sheets, internal safety documents and SOP's, etc. (Attach anything you want to add balance to your Job Safety Analysis, Lockout/Tagout, Risk Assessments and Confined Space Entry procedures or clarify step or job specific hazards and controls).
  • Clone existing Job Safety Analysis, Lockout /Tagout, Risk Assessment and Confined Space Entry data between users or facilities instead of recreating documents that have already been created...a serious time saver for all of our clients.
  • And most importantly, quickly set up access to Job Safety Analysis, Lockout/Tagout, Risk Assessment and Confined Space Entry data by creating a default library location on your intranet that allows your staff and associates to view but not change documents.

  • Point and click creation of Job Safety Analysis, Risk Assessment, Lockout/ Tag Out and Confined Space Entry Procedures
  • Speedy document creation through user definable pull down menus of; JSA Hazards and Controls – Lockout Tag Out Hazardous Energies, Magnitudes, Locks and Tags – Risk Assessment Hazards, Controls, Frequency and Severity – Confined Space Entry Atmospheric Testing, Hazard Assessment & Entry Team
  • Databases are user definable and may be easily modified during document development
  • Clone existing documents to save data entry time and reuse existing data for similar job tasks
  • Attach reference documents such as MSDS's, drawings, schematics and digital photos (or anything that is digitized) to each document
  • Print and view documents on any web browser
  • Save documents in HTML format and publish documents as web pages on the corporate intranet
  • Standardize, save time, identify best practices and share documents by cloning procedures between plants by sharing files on the corporate intranet
  • Create to do lists and reminders by printing user definable reports of key word search results
  • Key word search and report on: Workplace Safety Hazards, Controls, Equipment, Authorized Employee, History or any other subject area

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