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Software solutions to improve efficiency: Our solutions are continually being adapted and enhanced to keep up with technology trends and increased client expectations. Road Tanker management can be an expensive operation particularly when dealing with treatment byproducts, such as waste water sludge. Our software solutions are geared towards increasing visibility, enhancing data presentation, improving audit trail data,  increasing the opportunity to raise revenue collection and reducing costs through improved efficiency.

Our range of logger systems have been designed with both simplicity and enhanced software functionality in mind for greater sophistication to ensure each transaction is dealt with appropriately and as per user defined parameters. Each system is capable of controlling and monitoring based on client preferences for:

  • User Login Characteristics
  • Waste Types
  • Volume / Strength Capacity Limits
  • Process Measurement Parameters
  • Transaction Details (Date / Time Stamp)
  • Credit Checking & Status
  • Additional Data Entry Options
  • Site Operating Times
  • Process Interlocks
  • Vehicle Tracking / Recognition OptionsGatehouse (LCS) software

On larger sites where multiple simultaneous transactions are common, we can deploy our LCS gatehouse software solution which allows controls Security / Reception site personnel to control, manage and authorise each discharge bay remotely. Each bay is configured to communicate with the gatehouse allowing complete facility operational status and warnings to be displayed alerting staff to any issues at the discharge bays. The software can be used to control traffic lights / barriers and additional site management infrastructure to further enhance facility controls. The LCS software can also be used to automatically assign discharge bays to Authorized users based on previous usage and load demand characteristics, increasing flexibility and efficiency on busy sites.Pre-paid credit option. The system has the ability to integrate a pre-payment credit solution which can be used to manage individual users / company credit and define exact discharge or filling volume allowances based on current credit status. The pre-payment facility can be interfaced directly with the site based loggers allowing up to date credit worthiness decision making prior to discharge.
Alternatively if pre-payment is not desired, the software has the ability to produce day / week / month end commercial invoicing based on each individual transaction and any tariffs in place.

  • Single or Multi-Bay Facilities with or without Gatehouse & Traffic Light monitoring
  • Pre-Sampling to record &/or accept or reject load
  • pH Monitoring to record &/or accept or reject load
  • Monitor Sludge Percentage & choose Tiered Billing dependent on amount of Sludge
  • Track both Sepatge Import and Export
  • Fully Automated Billing with Pre-Paid credit options
  • Query based reporting with filter features
  • Remote Monitoring & Audit
  • Manage User Access & Control
  • Sludge Cake Weigh Scale monitoring
  • Potable Water Tanker Filling Stations
  • Bulk Liquid Storage Tank Farms
  • Unlimited Remote Users

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