- For the Yieldmaster Analysis System



The software BacVis was made for data recording of different sensors and gas flow meter (milligascounter®).  BACVis is an application for the Yieldmaster-analysis system. It detects and visualizes in real time how much volume of a certain gas component (e.g., methane, hydrogen, CO2, ethanol) is actually formed in the bioprocess. The program helps to detect unwanted effects and to maximize substrate’s yields. With the program you recognize, at which time much was produced of the desired gas in the process. Typical applications are the substrate analysis in anaerobic fermentation processes for the production of biogas, the study of algae in biofuel production and processes with yeasts and other with microorganisms.

The sensors are recognized automatically by means of their identification number. Due to the easy handling, BacVis is self-explanatory. As the obtained data are recorded in the ASCI-format, you can process them without any problems.

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