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If you are looking to automate your temperature calibration set up, then Caliso Temps is a feature-rich automated temperature calibration & data logging software package like no other & supports a wide range of temperature calibration equipment from world famous manufacturers: Techne, Hart Scientific, Isotech, Dostmann, ASL, Druck, Jofra, Cropico, Anville Instruments, LabFacility, & Julabo. This is the most advanced automated temperature calibration system available with features that include: Fully configurable calibration tests. Automated setpoint control & data logging. Reference temperature correction. WYSIWYG custom certificate design. ITS-90, Callendar Van Dusen, thermocouple & regression calculations. Support for web-cam image capture for non-RS232 devices.


Caliso Temps is made up of 2 separate programs:

Laboratory Interface:
The left-hand panel of the Interface window is the Device Palette that, as you can see, has a number of tabs across the top. Each tab has the name of a temperature calibration equipment manufacturer such as Isotech, ASL, HART Scientific, LabFacility, Dostmann etc. By clicking on each tab you will see a series of icons which represent the specific instruments supported for each manufacturer.


To connect an instrument to a serial port simply select the manufacturer’s tab on the Device Palette and drag and drop the icon of the required instrument on to the serial port on the Connected Devices panel. This is the large central panel of the Interface & is where you will see listed under 'My Computer' all the COM ports and web-cams available for connection.

Click the Start button - and that's it, you are now connected. You can have as many instruments as you have serial ports - all running together.

  • Builder where you analyse your data, perform calculations, & also design & make calibration certificates.

The Builder’s Data Viewer enables you to turn raw calibration data into calibration information of the following types:

  • Callender Van Dusen coefficients
  • ITS-90 coefficients
  • Thermocouple correction coefficients
  • Polynomial regression coefficients

Calculated results are then saved in the Caliso Temperature Data file to provide a complete record of each device’s calibration.

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