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Utility Billing With Your Rates, Your Calculations. Custom rates, seasonal rates, variable tax charges, pro-ration formulas – no matter how complex your billing rate structure is, BillMaster can handle it!

E-Bill & E-Pay Options
Email invoices to those utility customers who request it. Statements may also be posted on a secure, integrated Website where customers can view their current and prior bills, make payments and request various services from your customer service staff, including recurring ACH and credit card payments.

Customized Formatting of Statements & Invoices
Design your billing statements and invoices to look exactly the way you want with a variety of options for usage graphs, charts and notes.

Targeted Messaging
Enhance your communications with targeted messaging to specific customers. Have an efficiency program? You can easily include alerts or reminders for high-usage customers.

Outsourced Printing & Mailing Solution
Streamline your operation and reduce overhead with BillMaster’s seamlessly integrated solution for outsourced printing, preparation and mailing of statements, newsletters and other forms.

WebShare Customer Portal
WebShare is Data West’s simple but powerful solution to online Bill Presentment and Payment. Customers have secure and instantaneous access to account information, including previous balance, payments made and pending, and current balance. Multiple accounts under one name may be viewed and paid with one payment.

BillMaster Webshare – Utility Bill Payment Services
Online Customer Portal for Utility Bill Customers

WebShare is the optional BillMaster customer portal which allows your customers to log on securely and check their current account status as well as to pay their bills with credit cards and/or E-checks. If your customer is responsible for several accounts, they may all be viewed at one time, and one payment may be made for some or all of the accounts. Customers may also view historical statements and graphical consumption history as well as transactions. Payment receipt feedback is real-time, so customers may be sure their payments have been received. And, your customers may also enroll for receipt of bills via email rather than receiving a paper statement. Optionally, your customers may be given the ability to change their name, mailing address, and phone numbers.

WebShare follows the color and header branding of your website.

Your Customer Service Representatives use a management console to view and control individual customer access.

Utility Customer Relationship Management

Whether you have a few hundred accounts or hundreds of thousands, BillMaster’s logical, intuitive account management system provides you with access to the information you need, when and where you need it. BillMaster gives you the ability to create, store and view a virtually unlimited number of notes on nearly any aspect of the account – from addresses and names to customer deposits or meters. It’s even possible to include links that take you directly to other related documents or notes.

Extensive Search Capabilities

Find what you’re looking for quickly and easily with BillMaster’s extensive search and retrieval capabilities. Over 130 data fields used for search keys.

Archive Billing Statements & Forms

All previous bills and notices sent to customers may be instantly reviewed, emailed or printed by CSRs. You see exactly what your customer sees!

BillMaster Mobile – Integrated Service Orders

BillMaster Mobile can be used as a low-cost mobile application to replace paper-based field service work order systems. With BillMaster Mobile work orders are easily distributed on a mobile device, enabling technicians to perform meter maintenance and readings automatically. Service orders can be created or edited in the field and easily uploaded back into BillMaster. Advanced GPS functionality captures coordinates for meters, provides driving directions to the account and pinpoints lost or stolen pocket PC’s.

Integrated Credit Risk Management

Determine the credit risk of doing business with a new service applicant directly from within BillMaster. No more logging in to multiple programs and re-entering applicant information – BillMaster quickly runs a credit check, assessing credit risk and verifying past utility payment performance.

Utility Billing Reporting
BillMaster includes an extensive library of detailed reports on customer account information, meters, A/R, billing, transaction history and general ledger activity. There are ACH and budget billing reports to cover various payment plans, not to mention specialty reports such as meter block consumption. Our standard consumption analysis report gives total and detail for meter consumption, current or historical, and can be broken out down to the rate tier level.

Need something different? Whether it’s customer service benchmarking reports, complex rate studies or consumption analysis of your top 20 users, BillMaster puts the information in your hands in minutes! BillMaster’s “EZ Reports” tool also makes it easy to build custom queries and reports.

Data Import/Export & Integration
BillMaster easily exchanges data with external applications such as accounting systems, spreadsheets, remote devices, GIS systems and outsourced billing and payment processors.

Automate Your Utility Billing Collections
Save time and money with BillMaster’s versatile and easily configured collection procedures. One process does it all – from automated delinquency reporting to generation of late notices, call lists or service orders for shut offs.

Point of Sale System Integration
BillMaster integrates seamlessly with point of sale (POS) systems such as cash drawers, receipt printers, bar code scanners, electronic signature pads and check scanners. Scan, import and deposit payments direct from BillMaster. No more trips to the bank!

Deposit Management
With BillMaster’s customizable deposit management functionality, you can tailor your deposit management system for optimal performance. BillMaster keeps a history of deposits charged, paid, due, or refunded, and tracks interest paid and due. BillMaster’s integrated credit check tool even helps determine the optimal deposit amount for new customers.

Unparalleled Security

BillMaster is designed with a utility’s information security foremost in mind. BillMaster’s internal auditing processes help prevent identity theft and detect fraud. In addition to SQL Server and/or Windows Security logins and roles, you can assign access permissions to control viewing and editing of specific tables, tabs, windows and objects. Individual fields may be set as non-viewable, viewable only or view and edit. You define the who, what and where and BillMaster utility billing software takes care of the rest.

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