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Carbon footprint of your building is growing in importance each day. Calculating and optimizing your building carbon footprint makes for better investments in construction projects, helps win new clients and is demanded by regulators and certification schemes. Life-Cycle Assessment — LCA — acts the industry standard methodology in quantifying the CO2 footprint of a building. Building carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases produced throughout the life-cycle of a building, both from energy use and via materials. Building CO2 includes the carbon emissions from all life-cycle stages such as material manufacturing (i.e. embodied carbon, capital carbon), and operating emissions (e.g. operational carbon).

Why is Building CO2 an important impact category?

Greenhouse gas emissions are a key environmental metric and an integral component of building life-cycle assessment (LCA). Mostly, it is the most widespread and generally understood indicator of environmental impact and climate change. Building carbon footprint is used in all green building certification schemes, in LEED it can contribute up to 5 credits and in BREEAM up to 9. CO2 is the single most understandable environmental impact category globally.

Quantifying the Carbon Footprint of your building materials, you can make more sustainable and durable choices for your building design, increasing both transparency and desirability of the building, therefore enhancing the long-term profitability of that building.

What benefits One Click LCA has?

One Click LCA allows you to instantly quantify your whole-building carbon footprint by allowing you to generate a standards-based LCA from your BIM, Excel or other data. The tool works perfectly for small and large teams, allowing collaborative data input and direct feedback of results to all stakeholders. The platform is third party certified for compliancy with international LCA standards.

Why choose One Click LCA as your environmental design tool?

Leverage existing design data

One Click import for Revit, IFC (BIM), Excel, energy models (gbXML) and other tools.

Fast LCA comparisons

Find the hot spots and improve and compare designs to find your optimal solution.

Make impactful design decision

Optimize your building design for better performance, durability, and profitability.

How can I use carbon footprint data for my buildings?

Track your performance by learning how your building’s real carbon footprint performance stacks up to your design expectations. See if your design goals have been met with solid in-use data from your building.

By using real life carbon performance data, you can identify the most impactful and cost efficient carbon reduction measures. Use that information to engage clients and investors for more successful business.

Getting carbon data and doing the calculations according to standards can be tremendously time consuming and complex. Our solutions puts the power of carbon footprinting into your hands without the hassle.

With One Click LCA you’ll harness the power of automated carbon footprinting.

  • Automated data input from Revit, IFC, BIM etc. Or, use the easy to use web interface!
  • Reliable and comprehensive materials emissions database.
  • No user restrictions, share and delegate as convenient.
  • Totally cloud-based — no installs, access anywhere.

What usually takes days or even weeks to complete can now be done in under an hour, with our ground-breaking software.

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