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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a quantitative method for assessing the environmental impacts of a system (e.g. a building) of your choosing throughout the complete life-cycle of system. LCA quantifies the environmental impacts in different impact categories, including carbon footprint, ozone depletion and eutrophication, among other indicators of environmental performance. The methodology consists of addressing the various factors from design-phase onto the use-phase until the very end, or namely the grave, of the chosen subject of assessment. With One Click LCA, the easy-to-use Life Cycle Assessment software for Buildings, you can automate the tedious analysis from your existing design data and be done in just minutes. When completed, the Life Cycle Assessment acts as a quantitative analysis tool in assessing the environmental hotspots in a design. With One Click LCAs robust features, comparisons and environmental optimization become easy and effortless tasks.

Get a standardized Life Cycle Assessment for your Building instantly with One Click LCA

  • Leverage existing design data & calculate life-cycle emissions
  • Easily test out of different design options and their environmental impact
  • Get a full LCA report according to your standard requirements

Why choose One Click LCA as your environmental design tool?

Leverage existing design data

One Click import for Revit, IFC (BIM), Excel, energy models (gbXML) and other tools.

Fast LCA comparisons

Find the hot spots and improve and compare designs to find your optimal solution.

Make impactful design decision

Optimize your building design for better performance, durability, and profitability.

What makes One Click LCA different?

Automating LCA from your existing data makes LCA a very cost-efficient and powerful analysis, where the framework itself can be leveraged to optimize projects and make better design decisions. What used to take days or weeks, can now be done in just hours. No PhD required.

Life cycle assessment has been growing in importance as a new framework and analysis tool for sustainability professionals to analyze the environmental impacts of the given project. It is demanded more and more by investors, governments and certifications as a standard method in designing more sustainable systems.

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