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You know that buildings cause 35 % of global carbon emissions. Join the program to position your business and help write a new chapter for construction sector. Long-term sustainability requires measuring and improving life-cycle performance of buildings – be it via materials, construction or energy use. The business case is clear: buildings typically cost more to run over 30 years than to build, and opportunities for cost reduction and property value improvement are significant. Joining the leaders today allows positive differentiation and helps create new business.

Two-year program for one thousand buildings
Do you know where your projects stand in terms of embodied or life-cycle carbon emissions? Joining the program allows you to receive detailed benchmark data to find out where you stand and what would it take to join the carbon leaders.

The program applies ISO and CEN standards as well as Level(s), a European Commission framework for building sustainability performance. The program allows you to simultaneously to earn certification LCA credits without need for additional analyses.

Business benefits of the Carbon Heroes Benchmark Program

  • Unique business development tool for low carbon services & solutions with benchmarking
  • Discover how your buildings stacks up – and use findings for marketing and improvement
  • Improve your building rating with valuable green building certification LCA & LCC credits
  • Achieve comprehensive accounting of embodied carbon emissions of your portfolio
  • Showcase your commitment to carbon reductions by participating
  • Learn about EC’s Level(s) methodology and contribute to it’s improvement via the pilot

The program is for construction professionals anywhere in the world

Interested in using carbon footprinting, LCA, life-cycle cost and resource efficiency for business? The program gives you crucial tools to understand where you stand and manage your carbon reduction journey.

The program is for construction professionals working with design, commissioning, construction, supervision or consulting for new buildings and major renovations.

If you are a construction client and would like to join and outsource the analysis work, it’s entirely possible. If you lack experts, please be in touch and we suggest qualified professionals to help you.

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