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BiT has been developing marine management software since 1985, but we don't sell 30-year old technology.  Our systems have the robustness that can only be gained through over 30 years of feedback and refinement.  As technology and the needs of marine dealers, boatyards and marinas evolved, so has BiT.  We have developed a cloud-based version of our software that allows us to offer features that can't be provided as a traditional software installed on your server.

BiT’s cloud-based software requires an internet connection and offers:

  • Mobile access on your PC, tablet or smartphone while at home, at a boat show, while traveling, etc.
  • Security of a server hosted by a top-tier company with redundancy you won't replicate with a server in your closet
  • Password-protected access
  • Remote access for mobile service techs to view inventory and produce repair orders in real time while on the job
  • Powerful Custom Report Writer
  • Continuous, daily and weekly backups
  • A test environment which provides a separate space for training or scenario-testing on real data
  • 256 bit SSL security

The online version of BiT Marine Software is hosted on our remote, professionally managed server, and we update and back it up for you so that you have no need to buy and maintain an expensive server. You focus on your customers, BiT will provide the systems to support you.

Cloud System for Parts and Point of Sales

As a Parts Manager, you need an easy to learn and easy to use solution that will help you do more with less time, increase margins and sales on your parts, manage special orders, and improve inventory turns.  With BiT Marine Software's cloud system, you get parts management and Point of Sale features that will help you:

  • Stay on top of your inventory - where it is and how much is invested in it
  • Guide you to order what you need, no more and no less, to improve cash flow
  • Track who your customers are and what they purchase
  • Efficiently handle special orders


  • Print and scan bar codes to increase efficiency
  • Interface to all major manufacturer, aftermarket and distributor price files
  • Total customer purchase history
  • Specialized pricing by customer when desired
  • Specialized pricing by vendor when desired
  • Separate taxable and non-taxable sales
  • Automatic part supersession
  • Standard and custom reports on screen, PDF or Excel
  • No charge for vendor price book updates
  • Easy to find sales history on all stocked items
  • Automatically generate Cost of Goods Sold and Sales Tax
  • Physical inventory module that can utilize handheld scanner
  • Multiple customized pricing levels
  • Integrations with leading marine vendors PartSmart and Parts Manager Pro

Cloud System for Marine Service Shop Management

A successful marine service department requires systems that will help you do more with less time, increase margins and sales on your work orders, improve technician efficiency and customer satisfaction.  BiT's Cloud System service work order features will help you:

  • Stay on top of your repairs in progress with easy to use status codes
  • Improve technician productivity by tracking both billable and actual hours
  • Ensure work is complete and invoiced before releasing a boat with easy to use review screens
  • Work efficiently by integrating Service with Parts, Accounting, Sales, and the rest of the business


  • Track service history
  • Record billable & actual technician hours
  • Use 'Packages' to define kits of parts for recurring jobs
  • Interface with industry standard flat rate files
  • Track internal work orders
  • Standard and custom reports on screen, PDF or Excel
  • Work in Progress reports
  • Turn repetitive work orders into 'canned jobs'
  • Click to re-use standard job descriptions to reduce typing and improve communication
  • Create insurance estimates
  • Automatically add Shop Supplies, Hazmat charges, etc. to work orders
  • Service history stays with the boat if sold
  • Multiple tasks on a work order
  • Special orders created from the work order screen
  • Deposits entered directly into the work order
  • Interface to all engine & aftermarket price files
  • Customized pricing levels available
  • Record dates of recommended future services
  • Generate call lists for future service

Cloud System for Boat Sales Management

In today's competitive market a successful boat dealer can't be passive in any aspect of the sales cycle. You need to have the tools in place to order the correct inventory units, engage every lead, maximize every deal, and have instant access to the pulse of your sales department. 

BiT Marine's Cloud System will help you:

  • Ensure leads are managed timely through integrated prospect and quoting features
  • Maximize profitabiliity by knowing the total cost through the linking of integrated rigging work orders
  • Improve productivity by viewing prospects and inventory from your phone or tablet
  • Work efficiently by integrating Sales with Parts, Accounting, Service, and the rest of the business


  • Track prospects, what they are looking for, their trade-in, and quote and contact history
  • Prepare an attractive quote for stock or ordered boats
  • Track sales and F&I commissions
  • Reminders for prospect follow-up
  • Manage trade-ins within the deal
  • Email quotes to prospects and retain the history
  • Print Sales Agreement and other forms

Cloud System for Marina Management

BiT Marine Software's cloud system offers some great features to enable you to provide the high level of service your marina customers expect.  And, since the system is integrated with the parts, service and sales department, you can focus on your customers and your business, not moving data between systems.  With BiT Marine Software's cloud system, you get marina management features that will help you:

  • Manage billing of wet slips, dry stack and ground storage
  • Integrate your marina with parts and service deparments
  • Track who your customers are and what they purchase
  • Provide your customers with online tools to improve their experience and your efficiency


  • Online App for customers to request boat launch
  • Tablet/iPad friendly screens for fork truck drivers to record splashes
  • Email confirmations to customers that their boat has been launched or returned to the rack
  • Bill by month, quarter, year, intermittently
  • Track customer deposits and prepayments
  • Track and bill for utility usage
  • Use bar codes at the dock store to increase efficiency
  • Print or email AR statements and Aging
  • Charge to customer's credit card on file
  • Splash history to report on all launch history
  • Standard and custom reports on screen, PDF or Excel

Cloud System for Accounting Management

BiT Marine Software's Cloud System includes integration with QuickBooks accounting software.   In addition, the powerful reporting allows for other off-line accounting integration.

With BiT and the integration with QuickBooks, you get:

  • Financial results transfered to QuickBooks with a couple of clicks
  • Integration includes transactions from Parts, Service, Marina/Storage, and Sales departments
  • Sophisticated controls provide custom accounting for special customers, parts or work order types


  • Integrates with your own chart of accounts
  • Continue to use QuickBooks for AP, payroll, etc.
  • Track AR and deposits in BiT so non-accountant employees won't need to access QuickBooks

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