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Life Cycle Assessment (Mat 01 LCA) is a very significant credit in BREEAM, and requires the use of an approved LCA software. One Click LCA is approved for all BREEAM schemes with a 100% quality rating for BREEAM Int’l. With the revolutionary LCA automation from your existing data, you can simply import your project’s bill of materials, BIM or Energy Model into One Click LCA, and your LCA results will be ready in no-time. Achieve the Mat 01 credits in no-time and leverage the time saved to do more.  On top of Mat 01 LCA credits, you can also earn the Life Cycle Costing (LCC) credits, among many others. See the table below for a full breakdown of all credits supported by One Click LCA or select your BREEAM scheme to read more.

BREEAM International (all versions)

BRE’s verified maximum potential score for BREEAM International 2016 Mat 01 LCA tools confirmed One Click LCAs leadership for the third time in a row. The platform supports several additional credits, for a max of 19 credits. It can be used by BREEAM projects located anywhere. In spite of this extensive scope, the tool is extremely easy to use and efficient, according to users.

One Click LCA is the only software able to deliver maximal LCA credits for any BREEAM International project anywhere in the world (2009 and 2010 versions included). The tool was now rated highest performing by BRE for the third time in a row, and it also delivers the exemplary credit from Mat 01. This is a really nice bonus on top of the vast time savings you’ll achieve by getting a Life-Cycle Assessment done in just hours instead of weeks.

The new tools complementing LCA for BREEAM projects – max 19 credits, including:

  • Man 02 Life cycle cost and service life planning; including Elemental life cycle cost (2 credits) and Component level life cycle cost (1 credit)
  • Man 03 Responsible construction practices; Monitoring of construction site impacts (2 credits)
  • Man 05 Aftercare; One exemplary credit
  • Mat 01 Life cycle impacts; Five credits + Exemplary + EPD credit
  • Mat 03 Responsible sourcing of construction products (3 credits + exemplary)
  • Wst 05 Adaptation to climate change (1 credit + exemplary)
  • Ene 04 Low and zero carbon technologies, 1+1 credits, up to version BREEAM International 2013
BREEAM NOR credits

Life-Cycle Impacts became a major credit in the new BREEAM NOR 2016, delivering a maximum of 7 + 2 credits. One Click LCA can also support Life-Cycle Costing in BREEAM NOR, which can deliver up to 3 credits.

Why choose One Click LCA for BREEAM NOR?

One Click LCA is globally the highest rated LCA tool for BREEAM and therefore it enables you to get the maximum credits + exemplary without needing to spend huge amount of time in evaluating all different building components. BIM and IFC automation makes getting your LCA done a lightning-fast process, enabling you to complete your LCA in just minutes. In addition, One Click LCA will help you with several other BREEAM NOR credits with easy-to-use templates within the cloud software, supporting up to 14 credits in total in 2016 version.

Supported credits in BREEAM NOR 2016: 1. Mat 01, Life cycle impacts
Maximum 7 credits + 2 exemplary credits Life cycle impacts of building — Maximum 2 credits + exemplary

Idea of the subcredit:
Conduct as high quality LCA as possible. The quality of your LCA is evaluated based on the LCA tool quality as well as materials assessment scope. The quality is assured with the Mat 01 calculator: 70% of the quality is defined by the tool used and 30% based on how many material classes are included in the assessment. 75% performance is required for 2 credits and 85% for achieving the additional exemplary credit on top.

One Click LCA is the highest rated LCA software for Mat 01 verified by BRE and will deliver 61 / 70 % of tool quality. This means you already have 72,5 % achieved just by choosing the tool and filling in mandatory material categories. The maximum potential with One Click LCA is 88,5% which enables you to also achieve the exemplary credit.

Environmental product declarations (EPDs) — Maximum 1 credit

Idea of the subcredit:
Collect verified EPDs for at least 15 different building products from defined product groups. Each chosen product much comprise at least 25% in volume (m2, m3, kg) of the whole product group.

After completing the previous life cycle impacts -subcredit, you have actually already gone through the EPDs of your building products. One Click LCA integrates the entire materials database published by EPD Norge, so users can choose the materials from their specific local suppliers. Using non-approved software is not possible for neither of these credits. Additional credits are awarded from sourcing products with EPDs and eco-labelling criteria.

Performance requirement for building products — Maximum 2 credits + exemplary

Idea of the subcredit:
After dealing with the EPDs subcredit, you can easily tackle the performance requirement for building products credit. To achieve 1 credit, at least 10 of the construction products in your building must have a defined eco label level. To achieve 2 credits, at least 15 of the products need to have the defined eco label level. The products have to be chosen from defined product categories. One Click LCA has an extensive EPD-database, which will help you achieve this credit easily too.

Climate gas calculations — Maximum 2 credits

Idea of the subcredit
The aim of this subcredit is to show a reduction in Green house gas emissions of the project compared to reference building. You achieve 1 credit with a 20% reduction and 2 credits with a 40% reduction. LCA tool used for the evaluation has to fill in the minimum requirements from the Life cycle impacts of building -subcredit.

Once you have completed the Life cycle impacts of building -subcredit, it’s very easy and efficient to make variations of your design to achieve the emissions reductions, or the other way around as you can get both of the results from the same entry data.

Total maximum credits from Mat 01 in BREEAM NOR 2016: 7 credits + 2 exemplary credits2. Man 02, Life-Cycle Cost and service life planning
Maximum 3 credits with LCC

Idea of the subcredit:
The parts of this credit involving a life-cycle perspective both apply the ISO 15686:5 standard and require demonstrating by examples that LCC plans have been used to influence building and systems design and specification to optimize life cycle costs. Tools for these analyses are included in One Click LCA.

  • Two credits are awarded for performing an entire asset elemental LCC plan at the Concept Design Stage with design option appraisals in line with for the service life set by the client brief.
  • One credit is awarded for component level LCC options appraisal developed by the end of Technical Design Stage that consider envelope, services, finishes and external spaces, where present.
3. Ene 04, Low and zero carbon technologies
Maximum 1 credit from LCA

Subject to achievement of the first credit, the project team may use LCA to demonstrate the carbon impact of it’s chosen LZC system(s), accounting for its embodied carbon emissions and operational carbon savings and emissions. The LCA study must be completed in accordance with ISO 14044:2006 standard and consider a 60 year period with any necessary replacements and maintenance occurring during that period. This delivers one additional credit. Although the feasibility study does not require it, the software may also be used for life-cycle cost analyses between the different LZC options available. Tool for performing this analysis is included in One Click LCA platform.

4. Support also for

Man 05 Aftercare, Man 03 Responsible Construction practises and EPD specification and collection for further credits

While these are not life-cycle metrics, One Click LCA platform can also support the data collection requirement of the Man 03, section Monitoring of construction site impacts (2 credits) as well as the Man 05 Afercare exemplary credit by collecting data from the construction site or enabling following the in-life performance of a building for three years after its completion. The software also allows specifying and tracking the use of EPDs in projects, which can support two more credits.

BREEAM ES (NC & Vivienda) & VERDE

One Click LCA can power up to 6 credits + an exemplary from Mat 1 in BREEAM ES Impactos del ciclo de vida, Opción 2, ACV. In addition of the LCA credit itself, the software supports several other credits in the BREEAM ES Nueva Construcción and BREEAM ES Vivienda schemes for a maximum of 14 credits:

  • GST 3 Impactos de las zonas de obras
  • GST 5 Coste del ciclo de vida y planificación de la vida útil
  • ENE 4 Tecnologías bajas en carbono o de cero carbono
  • MAT 1 Impactos del ciclo de vida

Credits refer to the BREEAM ES Nueve Construccion, and they vary in Vivienda. The solution also allows users to comply with VERDE NE credits B 01 Uso de energía no renovable en los materiales de construcción & C 20 Impacto de los materiales de construcción distintos del consumo de energía, and tracks the embodied impacts of the construction materials in an easy to use way.

BREEAM SE credits

One Click LCA is also approved for use in BREEAM SE. Swedish users can apply for LCA-based credits in their projects. The credits in question for BREEAM SE are Mat 1 — Materialval utifrån livscykelperspektiv and Mat 2 — Hårdgjorda ytor och gränsskydd utomhus. It can also be used for upcoming Miljöbyggnad 3’s LCA requirements.

Supported credits:

  • Mat 1 — Materialval utifrån livscykelperspektiv (worth up to 4+1 credits)
  • Mat 2 — Hårdgjorda ytor och gränsskydd utomhus (worth 1 credit)
  • Man 12 — Analys av livscykelkostnader, LCC (worth 2 credits)
  • Man 03 — Byggarbetsplatsens påverkan (worth 2,5 credits)

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