- Web-Based Leak Detection and Location Software



BuntBrain LeakFinder is web-based software used to reduce leaks in a water supply network, which allows you to detect and locate leaks more quickly and more accurately. By using the latest advances in machine learning, big data and hydraulic simulation, it reduces the time it takes to detect and locate leaks, minimising the risk of damage to the infrastructure.

For whom?

BuntBrain LeakFinder is designed for water utility companies:

  • That want to reduce unbilled water.
  • That want to improve the efficiency of their supply network.
  • That want to mitigate the effects of climate change: higher risk of broken pipes and droughts.
  • That want to reduce their carbon footprint through water management.

  • Very suitable for big DMAs
  • Optimal for large non discrete zones
  • Detects small leaks
  • Reduces leak positioning time
  • Accurate leak positioning
  • Accurate leak sizing
  • Suitable for every pipe material
  • Improves planning of asset maintenance and replacement
  • Virtual DMAs compatible
  • User-friendly web-based tool with managerial dashboard

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