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GeoModel, Inc.

Buried Metal Detection & Electromagnetic Conductivity Software


Electromagnetic conductivity (also known as terrain conductivity or EM) measures the conductivity of the subsurface which includes soil, groundwater, rock, and objects buried in the ground. GeoModel, Inc. has conducted numerous electromagnetic conductivity (EM) surveys nationwide and worldwide using EM instruments for various applications.

EM surveys are rapid and very accurate. The instruments are easily carried or moved around the site and are used for a variety of purposes. Underground metal petroleum tanks can be located, metal underground utility pipes can be detected, contaminated groundwater can be mapped, and clay units can be identified. GeoModel, Inc. uses the new EM metal detection system which is twice as accurate as the standard EM metal detection system.

GeoModel, Inc.’s geophysicists can perform an EM survey anywhere in the world and with short notice. Survey costs are reasonable.

Applications of buried metal detection and EM conductivity include:

  • Buried metallic objects
  • Underground metal storage tanks and drums
  • Buried metal utility lines
  • Landfills and trenches
  • Contaminant plumes
  • Sinkholes
  • Bedrock fractures
  • Mining and minerals
  • Archaeological mitigation

For a color-contoured GeoModel Map, mapping is done automatically using a vehicle or ATV driven system or a hand-carried method, with GPS positioning. Results can be obtained in a short time period, making our system cost-effective for large industrial sites, as well as for smaller sites. Metal utility lines, and most other conductive or electrical utility lines, are mapped using our unique technique.


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