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Get real-time insights into your EHS performance with Pro-Sapien's EHS Business Intelligence module for SharePoint & Office 365.

Business Intelligence capabilities are implemented in all Pro-Sapien EHS systems for you to get useful information out of your data.

We believe that capturing the data is only half the story; it's what you do with it that counts. By utilizing leading technologies, our software makes reporting on performance easier for EHS professionals who are (self-professed!) not Business Intelligence (BI) experts.

As a client, you will configure your Key Performance Indicators and other pertinent metrics with us during implementation so that what you and your users are seeing makes sense. Our BI 'module' includes Dashboards and Reports, and its powerful capabilities are a frequently cited reason for choosing Pro-Sapien.

Business Intelligence/Reporting

Make sense of your data with real-time dashboards, configured with KPIs that are meaningful to your business. You can also build your own reports using familiar, optimized technologies such as Excel and Power BI. Learn more here or see it in action with the demo.

  • One Data Warehouse
  • Configured real-time dashboards
  • Build and publish your own reports
  • Automated notifications
  • Easily export information from the system
  • Integrate with 3rd party systems

A user-friendly system that works your way

Our software takes on the look and feel of your existing SharePoint portal that users already know - minimizing training and encouraging adoption.


No need to issue new logins to users, as our software is accessed with existing SharePoint credentials (and supports single sign-on).

We spend time onsite with every client prior to implementation configuring the system to make sure it matches your processes and works the way you do.

Explore the Pro-Sapien modules

...each of which integrates with your BI Dashboards & Reports

  • Incident Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Work Permits
  • Audits & Inspections
  • Hazard Observations
  • Co2 Emissions
  • Energy Consumption
  • Waste Management
  • Quality

Microsoft Integration
Seamless integration with the programs you already rely on (Excel, Outlook, Word, etc.)

Configurable, Flexible
Configurable forms, workflows, and metrics for a system that actually makes sense

User Friendly
User-friendly and familiar interface of Microsoft - little training required

Mobile Forms
Allow workers to report observations when out on the field

Central Action Manager
Set, track and manage all from SharePoint

Dashboards & Reports
Powerful but easy-to-use KPI dashboards and self-service reports

Flat Rate Licensing
Cost-effective licensing model - we don't count users or modules!

On-premise or Cloud
On-premise or on the Cloud with Office 365 - whichever suits you best

Single Sign On
Enable Single Sign On (SSO) with Microsoft credentials for easy, secure access

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