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BWQT is a multivariate software program that provides the full capability of modern quantitative chemometrics without requiring specialized training. The BWQT Model Builder employs a step by step workflow approach that guides beginners and experts alike through the process of assembling the data needed to build and evaluate quantitative calibrations that are fully validated, documented and ready for deployment. The workflow approach is directly based on techniques used by expert chemometricians, and the entire BWQT package has been developed from the ground up to provide a completely natural, non-intrusive development environment that frees the user to focus directly on meeting project requirements.

The simplified user interface is structured so that it naturally leads the user though the steps of building and validating a model. A hierarchical browser is available to indicate current model settings and check that the steps are completed to ensure that you are ready to move on to the next step in developing a model.

The four main regions of the user interface are displayed at all times and are logically organized so that all of the pertinent information is available across the display. The regions are:

•  Model Building
•  Model Graphical Displays
•  Textual Region (for the display of messages and numerical results)
•  Workflow Region (to show the progress of the model development process)

Each of these regions has multiple tabs that flow from left-to-right in the order that makes sense to develop a model. The Workflow Region flows from top-to-bottom in the order of model development. If there is an error in the development of a given model, the workflow element will light up red to show that corrective action must be taken to build a model.

Off-line Development:
•  Automated Model Optimization
•  Integrated Work-flow Environment
•  Clean, User-oriented Approach to Model Development
•  Rapid, Flexible Assembly of Training, Test, and Validation Data Sets
•  Convenient Incorporation of Multiple Output Ranges into Model Design

•  Rapid, Simultaneous Execution of Multiple Chemometric Models
•  Capable of Automatically Switching Between Multiple Output Models at Runtime
•  Fully Integrated into BWSP-21pt11 Analytical Software for Processes Monitoring and Database Logging

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