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A Web Based Solution that can be used from any computer with an internet connection. C2RouteApp allows you the ability to route one or many field resources for tomorrow or for weeks in advance. With over 100 different parameter settings you can customize your routes to fit your business operation just the way you want.  Because there is no limit on the number of times you can optimize, you can use C2RouteApp as both a routing tool and a planning tool to run different business scenarios in order to see what will work best for your operation.

At less than a dollar and a half per working day, C2RouteApp is the premier route planning application available in North America, typically saving about 15% in daily mileage. C2RouteApp will pay for itself in just a couple of days in fuel savings alone. That doesn’t include the savings gained in driver payroll, the time it takes to manually create routes, the reduced wear on your fleet and the peace of mind gained from knowing that your routes are planned efficiently.

C2RouteApp uses common terminology and incorporates help tools in every step of the routing process so it is easy to learn and easy to use.  Training is done by our professional training staff, live online so you can ask questions along the way.  Typically, users are fully functional after two one-hour training sessions.
Unlimited support and training is included at no extra cost so you can always get the information you need, or get new users trained at any time.


C2RouteApp® is a professional online routing software that can save your company a significant amount of money and make your operation as efficient as possible.  Annual savings of up to 25% of total operating expenses can be expected from optimizing your current routes with C2RouteApp® vehicle routing software.  Often the savings and Return on Investment are seen instantly after route optimization. 

 Benefits that are derived from using C2RouteApp® Routing Software include:

  • Minimizing the number of vehicles and routes driven
  • Cutting labor and overtime costs
  • Decreasing fuel consumption, maintenance expenses, emissions, and miles driven
  • Reducing time spent routing and updating routes
  • Providing better overall service to customers and clients
  • Improving efficiency, productivity, and balance

 How does C2RouteApp® Routing Software work?

  • Enter your data into the application (Home Base, Vehicles, Stops)
  • Enter your routing constraints and business rules into the software
  • Optimize routes for maximum efficiency
  • Use the software to make fine tune adjustments to your routes
  • Create maps, route driving directions, and statistical reports

 Use C2RouteApp® Routing Software to create optimized routes that are:

  • Smart
  • Cost effective
  • Efficient
  • Balanced
  • Realistic

 Routing Software Functionality:

  • Multiple Vehicles
    • Plan the most efficient routes for multiple vehicles simultaneously
  • Multiple Days
    • Create routes for days, weeks, or even months in advance.
  • Time Windows
    • Enter specific times that customers need to be visited to enhance customer service.
  • Start/End Locations
    • Set the start and end locations for each route.
  • Reloading
    • Have your vehicles reload or unload at designated locations.
  • Overnight Routes
    • Allow routes to stay out overnight if deemed more efficient.
  • Legal Driving Restrictions
    • Comply with restrictions and laws.
  • Deliveries/Pick-ups
    • Create routes for delivery, pickup or visit.
  • Characteristics
    • Ensure that vehicle match customers needs.
  • Capacity/Quantities
    • Set vehicle capacities and quantities to be delivered and picked-up.

 Routing Software Outputs:

  • Turn-by-turn Travel Directions
  • Export your optimized routes to a GPS device
  • Route Statistics reports
  • Loading Plans
  • Detailed Maps

Easy to use Route Planner, all you need is a PC and an Internet connection!

  • No software to install
  • Route Planner interface specifically designed to be intuitive and easy to use
  • Made for non-computer saavy users

Plan Routes for multiple vehicles on multiple days, weeks, or months in advance

  • C2RouteApp Route Planner is designed to create routes scheduled up to 60 days in advance
  • Customers can have different service schedules and frequencies

Local, regional, and nationwide routing

  • Works whether you are routing a city, state or even the entire country
  • C2RouteApp doesn't care if you have a fleet of 1 vehicle or 100 vehicles

Export your optimized routes to a GPS device

  • Easily load your new routes into supported GPS devices
  • C2RouteApp integrates with Garmin, TomTom, Google Android, and more...

Let the Route Planner define the optimum number of routes

  • Not sure how many routes that you should have?  Let C2RouteApp™ Route Planner decide that for you
  • C2RouteApp™ has the ability to route using all of your available vehicles, or to decide the minimum vehicles necessary

No optional or hidden charges, one low monthly price

  • Pay per vehicle
  • No minimum purchase

Save up to 25% or more on field operating costs

  • Many clients see savings between 10% and 30%
  • Reduction in total work hours
  • Reduction in total mileage
  • Reduction in fuel used

Reduce payroll expenses including overtime

  • Overtime is very expensive for any company
  • C2RouteApp® gives YOU the ability to schedule YOUR routes to eliminate overtime
  • Use C2RouteApp® to compare difference between adding route(s) versus overtime

Decrease fleet maintenance and fuel consumption costs

  • Reduced Mileage means reduction in fuel costs and maintenance costs
  • Reduction in Routes could result in spare vehicles and less wear-and-tear on fleet

Eliminate the time currently spent creating routes and dispatching

  • Wasting hours every day creating Routes and dispatching to drivers
  • Let C2RouteApp®  do that for you
  • Spend the time that you are wasting with manual routing with finding new customers

Customize route creation to the way YOU operate YOUR business

  • With over 60 different parameters available, you decide how to create your routes much in the same manner as how you run your business
  • Use C2RouteApp® to run 'what if' scenarios for bidding on new contract areas
  • As your business expands, C2RouteApp® can expand with you.

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