C3 Energy

- Cloud-Based Flexible Machine Learning Software Platform


A cloud-based, flexible, machine learning software platform for deploying industrial-scale IoT applications. The C3 IoT platform allows analysts and developers to rapidly deploy custom apps, integrate with existing ones, connect data streams, and manage it all from anywhere. A complete IoT platform-as-a-service solution that enables the rapid design, development, deployment, and operation of enterprise IoT applications. With an elastic cloud architecture capable of handling data sets growing by hundreds of terabytes per day, the platform generates tens of millions of predictions every day for more than 20 full-scale production deployments worldwide.

Rapid Application Development

A combination of real-time stream processing, contextualized and batch data analysis, and fast iterative processing to support machine learning data exploration, all within a unified compute framework and consistent programmatic construct.

  • Application Logic

    Use Javascript to implement application functions and business rules

  • Data Integration

    Securely aggregate internal and external data to deliver end-to-end system visibility

  • Management

    Access detailed performance, security, and usage data for all applications

  • Analytics

    Query, transform, and analyze all data via a comprehensive rules execution engine

  • Deployment

    Leverage the C3 IoT platform for application deployment

  • API

    An open-cloud platform that delivers a robust set of APIs

  • Data Abstraction

    Access data, methods, and processing techniques using a unified metadata-based paradigm with a rich, comprehensive, and extensible set of data objects and models – the C3 Type System

  • Machine Learning

    Develop and deploy advanced machine learning in production. Access platform capabilities using programming languages like Python or R

  • Workflow

    Manage operations within your application

With C3 IoT’s comprehensive technology stack for IoT application development, our customers benefit from a significant time-to-market advantage.

Metadata-based abstraction: C3 Type System
  • A unified application, analytic algorithm, and data science development paradigm with a rich and comprehensive set of data objects and models
  • Readily create and extend Types for rapid development of custom applications
  • All data and processing methods are accessed using the same compute paradigm and simple expressions – no underlying database queries or custom processing code required
  • Operate against the C3 Type System using any development language
  • All C3 Types (data and methods) are available via REST APIs that can be called by other applications or services to preserve existing investment in applications or technologies

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