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- Version Compact - Entry Level System, Upgrade Later


CADET Compact offers an easily expandable solution to meet the needs of educational establishments, smaller companies or those who require accurate dynamometer, engine and coolant control, but with limited monitoring channel requirements. CADET Compact uses the same control and data logging system and base structure as the premium CADET V14 system, but with a reduced channel count and associated cost. AC, eddy current or hydraulic dynamometers can be controlled via CADET Compact and the associated control modules.

  • Entry level package, economical solution
  • Upgrade to full premium CADET software in future
  • Scalable data acquisition
  • Accurate dynamometer, engine and coolant control
  • Compact design, minimal installation required

  • Dynamometer and engine test cell control
  • Protection and limited Datalogging
  • Durability Work

The CADET Compact system is of a standard build, meaning that design costs can be kept to a minimum. On order placement the customer should let Sierra know the type, make and model of dynamometer being controlled, and select a suitable transducer panel (as detailed previously). The customer should also detail the loom lengths required for installation.

A number of Sierra in cell engine test hardware is compatible with CADET Compact, this includes:

All other Sierra equipment, engine interfaces and 3rd party software interfaces can be used with the CADET Compact system.  This also allows the customer to increase the control and datalogging capability as necessary.

  • Initial purchase that can be upgraded to CADET V14 Premium system
  • Integrates into existing test cell hardware, dynamometers etc...
  • Additional Beds to Compliment Other Research Beds
  • Plug socket installation
  • Easily expandable applications

CADET Compact modular components are:

  • 12U Cabinet 
    • 3U Control Rack
    • 3U Data Logging Rack (Expandable)
    • System Controller PC
  • CADET Compact Software
  • Winged Keyboard Operator Interface
  • Dyno Control and Engine Electrics Box includes:
    • 12/24V switched relays (ignition, fuel pumps, ECU etc)
    • Coolant control and feedback connections
    • 12 channel CADET Compact transducer interface panel (various options available)
    • Dynamometer power module (Eddy current or hydraulic)
    • AT12 mechanical throttle actuator (Optional - system also support analogue throttle outputs)
    • Single 19' monitor


The CADET Compact 12U (600mm x 600mm) cabinet houses the two Sierra I/O racks and also the rack mounted system controller PC. The cabinet includes all the termination for the control, safety and data-logging sub-systems such as the Engine Protection Panel. Any wiring associated with in-cell equipment is terminated into modules within the cabinet that provide a multi-way connection for onward connection using the supplied looms. The looms have multi-way connectors at each end, which allows easy onsite installation of the cabinet and in cell enclosure.

Operator Interface

The winged keyboard, display, mouse and system control PC are all connected to the CADET cabinet by 3m flying leads. The winged keyboard enables the operator to enter test information with the QWERTY keyboard, abort tests using the E-stop mushroom, enter a RESET condition after a shutdown and silence the Alarm. Incremental Optical Encoders allow the operator to take manual control of the throttle and dynamometer setpoints.

CADET Compact V14 Software

At the heart of the system is the control software, this enables full control of the dynamometer, Throttle Actuator, oil and coolant conditioning circuits as well as monitoring the datalogging channels.

The system  allows calculated channels to be created using information from the monitored channels. For test writing CADET Compact allows transient schedules setpoints to be written in an excel spreadsheet format. Schedules can be looped and combined and can be called at any time during a test. At any point in the test manual control can be selected, meaning that the engine and dynamometer setpoints can be varied via the winged keyboard.

CADET Compact uses a reduced functionality version of the full control CADET V14 software. All controls and displays are of the same format meaning all the design benefits of the fully developed version are available. The system is limited only in the number of datalogging channels supported and software interfaces to 3rd party instrumentation (such as emissions analysers, Non Sierra CP fuel equipment, CAN & OBD interfaces etc). The system can be upgraded to offer full functionality as necessary.

Dynamometer Control and Engine Electrics Box

This in-cell box contains the power modules for the Throttle Actuator and eddy current or hydraulic dynamometer. There are four relay switched low voltage terminals, which switch from a common power source connection such as an in-cell power supply or battery. These can be switched on or off with the associated Digital Outputs during tests. They are typically linked to ECU, Fuel, Glowplugs and Ignition. There are connections for PRT sensors with analogue feedback for PID cooling control of coolant, oil and intercooler circuits. The datalogging transducer panel is mounted within the engine electrics box to allow all termination at a single source. This panel can be re located into a transducer box if the system is expanded in the future. An oil pressure switch is fitted to the bottom of the enclosure.

Transducer Panel

The Sierra transducer panel will allow the customer termination for up to 12 datalogging channels, as required. All panels are of a standard size with standard looms, allowing modules to the interchanged and relocated if the system is expanded. The following transducer panels are available for use with the Compact system:

Analogue inputs can either be voltage (up to 10V) or current (up to 20mA). These inputs can be used as pressure inputs with 4-20mA transducers. All units within CADET are configurable.

Throttle Actuator - Option

The AT12 is an enclosed DC motor driven Throttle Actuator that can form part of the CADET-Compact system. The actuator provides performance suitable for applications ranging from small two stroke engines up to heavy diesels and Racing Engines. Further detail on the AT12 throttle actuator can be found in the relevant datasheet. As standard CADET compact provides one or two analogue output channels which can be configured to give a number of throttle output signals.

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