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- Version Edge - Dyno and Engine Throttle Control


The CADET Edge is part of the CADET range of control, automation and datalogging control systems and is designed specifically for dynamometer control and engine throttle actuation. The CADET system can actuate eddy current, hydraulic, AC or DC dynamometers and will be supplied with the appropriate power modules.

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  • Actuate eddy current, hydraulic, AC or DC dynos
  • Appropriate power modules supplied
  • 11 channels of user-specific datalogging capability
  • Automatic or manual control
  • Bumpless transfer between modes at any point during testing

  • Eddy current dynamometers
  • Hydraulic dynamometers (1 and 2 valve)
  • AC dynamometers
  • Gas stands
  • Endurance test cycles
  • Retro fit existing dynamometers

Control of the dynamometer and throttle is either automatic or manual. When in automatic mode the throttle and dynamometer setpoints follow a pre-programmed test cycle. In manual mode the throttle and dynamometer setpoints can be adjusted by demand encoders mounted either on the control enclosure (as shown), or a winged keyboard. Alternatively setpoints can be adjusted on the control screen. Setpoints can either be torque, power, speed or direct %, with bumpless transfer between modes at any point during testing. CADET Edge can act as a closed loop dynamometer controller receiving setpoints from a 3rd party host or non real time control software (available as an option, please contact Sierra for further details).

The unit is housed in a desk or 4U rack mountable unit, allowing for easy integration into existing test cells. The package includes CADET software and hardware independent safety systems to ensure safe operation of the dynamometer and engine under test. All control channels and datalogging channels (if selected as an option) can be configured as safety channels on a stage by stage basis. The system can also link into existing cell safety systems, for example E-stop chains, fire suppression systems, test cell doors interlocks etc, via volts free contacts.

An in-cell enclosure is provided, which will provide a marshalling point for the throttle and dynamometer connections. Additional Sierra modules can also be integrated into this box, as required. Sierra CP can provide up to 11 channels of user specific datalogging capability. These channels will be displayed on the CADET screen and logged with the key parameters.

The electrics panel can also be integrated into the in-cell box. This allows up to 4 engine circuits to be switched on and off by CADET, this is generally used for ignition, ECU, fuel pumps, crank etc. Indicator LEDs show activity and resettable fuses protect the circuits.

  • Integrates with any dynamometer, new or existing
  • Mechanical or electrical throttle actuation
  • Compact 4U module with integrated industrial PC
  • Manual or automatic control modes
  • Integrated software independent safety shutdowns
  • Easy to use CADET control software
  • 21 point form based calibration system with various ‘best fit’ options
  • PID tuning
  • Datalogging options – up to 12 channels
  • Trace feature allows power curve generation or multiple channels to be viewed in real time on a single plot

The dynamometer controller will be supplied with a control enclosure, in-cell box, keyboard and mouse and can be specified by selecting one option from each of the rows below. Customer specific options may also be available, please contact Sierra with your requirement.

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