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- Version STD and PRO - Analysis and Control Software for FTIR Gas Analyzers


Calcmet is used together with Gasmet gas analyzers to collect FTIR spectra of the sample gas and to analyse the concentrations of gas components. Calcmet provides an easy to use interface to the FTIR gas analyser, stores and visualises the sample spectra and performs the multicomponent analysis using Gasmet Technologies Oy’s patented modified classical least squares algorithm

Calcmet also supports various input and output formats, which enable integration of the Gasmet gas analysers to continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) and to variety of data acquisition systems. Typical inputs include analogue 0-10 V and 4-20 mA signals and digital inputs from e.g. stack temperature and pressure sensors, flow measurement devices and particulate matter analysers. Typical outputs include relay outputs used to control sampling systems, 0-10 V and 4-20 mA outputs of measured concentrations, and serial ModBus output consolidating both measured concentrations and binary alarm/status signals. Conversion of ModBus to other FieldBus formats is also supported.

Calcmet comes in two versions, Calcmet Standard and Calcmet Pro. The Pro version offers additional features including automatic identification of gases based on a Library Search routine.

  • Operating System: Windows 7 (32-bit) operating system
  • Hardware requirements: 512 MB memory, > 40 GB hard disk, > 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium IV processor. DVD-RW. modem, network card, RS-232 and USB ports.
  • Analysis principle: Modified classical least squares
  • Performance:  Simultaneous analysis of up to 50 gas compounds. Data acquisition, analysis of 20 gases and output in <1000 ms
  • Data storage: Automatic saving of sample spectra with options for saving only when a specific condition is met (concentration / residual). Automatic saving of analysis results, log files, and calibration check files. User configured autosave file and folder names. Spectrum file size 4.3 kb in Calcmet spectrum file format
  • Hard disk guard: Monitors disk space. Deletes old sample spectra when disk is full
  • Hardware watchdog: Possible to enable when using Gasmet PC

  • Analyzer control:
    • RS-232 COM port (standard),
    • RS^122 COM port (optional in Pro)
  • Expansion cards:
    • AdLink PCI expansion cards (up to a total of eight cards)
      • PCI-6208 analog output
      • PCI-7230 digital input /output
      • PCI-7250/51 relay output
      • PCI-9112 analog input
    • AdLink ISA expansion cards (up to a total of three cards)
      • ACL-7225 relay output
    • Advantech DA&C unit via Ethernet (up to eight modules)
    • Beckhoff TwinCAT (up to 255 modules)
  • Serial output:
    • MODBUS (other FieldBus formats
    • as an option)
    • AK Protocol (Pro)
    • COMLI
    • ASCII (proprietary format)

  • Data acquisition time: 1 – 500 seconds, time weighted average of individual scans lasting 100 ms each. In Calcmet Pro acquisition time may be shortened to below one second.
  • Data acquisition may be configured for any interval or for sampling from multiple sample streams
  • Detection limit: < 3 x spectral baseline noise
  • Linearity deviation: < 2 % of reference concentration
  • Linearity correction: Automatic, multi-point fitting of calibration curve
  • Cross interference: < 4 % of reference concentration, cross-interfering components are included in multicomponent analysis
  • Quality assurance: Residual absorbance from analysis is monitored and results invalidated if residual is too high
  • Supported file formats:
    • Gasmet sample spectra (.spe)
    • Gasmet reference spectra (.ref)
    • Gasmet background spectra (.bkg)
    • Gasmet Interferogram file (.ifg)
    • ASCII x-y table (.txt)
    • JCAMP-DX (.dx)

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