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- Version v2.97 - Visual Display and Analysis Desktop for the CALMET and CALPUFF Modeling Systems


CalDESK is a powerful visualization and analysis system for the CALMET and CALPUFF models. It’s designed to allow you to easily and rapidly work with your modeling results. CalDesk comes in two versions, Standard and Advanced. The Advanced version of CalDesk includes MM5 data visualization, a world map database and a movie export feature. If you use CALMET/CALPUFF then you need CalDesk.


CalDESK works by scanning a CALMET, CALPUFF or CALGRID input file and reading the associated binary output files. It's as simple as selecting your model input (*.inp) file. CalDESK will automatically detect output data files, run parameters, source names, etc., as well as load the optional puff file if present.

CalDESK will ask you for the binary type of the output files, giving the user the capability to work with CALMET, CALPUFF, or CALGRID models compiled on different systems, even Unix.


Visualization and analysis options become at once available, and the user can begin studing his simulation right away.

CalDESK can load binary files of ANY length, and is not limited by domain size.

CalDESK loads only the data needed to visualize the information requested by the user, and can jump from the beginning to the end of a huge file without problem.


CalDESK has several different view windows at your disposal. From a comprehensive surface view stem vertical XZ and YZ cuts, Point-Z vertical profiles, and time series views. These views can be linked in space and time. A dual screen view is also available, for paired viewing of data.

Each of these views can hold multiple graphs of model data. Graph types include contours, wind fields, box fields, streamlines, line graphs, and puffs representations. Meteorological data can be displayed simultaneously with dispersion data, for QA analysis.


Background images and vector overlays can be included in the surface view for clearer representations.

Visualization options for each graph type can easily be customized. Comprehensive options for contours, wind fields, etc., allow the user to represent model data as they wish.

The user interface allows zooming, panning, and general graph management, for specific run analysis.


A powerful time series module allows the user to visualize model data in time. Multiple variables can be displayed, with independent axes and scaling options.

For complex pollutant studies, a complete puff representation module has also been incorporated. This module includes puff transparency by relative concentrations, source and age coloring, as well as vertical cross-section display options.


General statistics can be performed on model data, such as N-hour minimums and maximums and averages.

A special module performs Trajectory Analysis, both forward and backward in time. This powerful feature allows the user to estimate particle paths in time.

Once a trajectory analysis is performed, the user can display the current hour's trajectory or specific daily trajectories.

All of these features allow the user to visualize and analyse model results with ease and clarity.


Output is an essential part of CalDESK. Hardcopy output is complete, with full printing options for all graphs.

All graphs can be exported to BMP, JPG, GIF, PGN, TIFF, and Enhanced Windows Metafile (EMF) formats. The latter format is ideal for importing into such popular software packages as Microsoft Word or Excel, adding visual results to your reports.


New CalDesk Advanced

The new Advanced Version of CalDesk includes MM5 visualization, a world map database, and movie making capabilities. This new version allows you to see complex meteorological output from MM5 alongside CALMET and CALPUFF data.

CalDesk Advanced handles Latitude/Longitude and Kilometer (UTM, Lambert Conic Conformal) based projections simultaneously, correctly mapping CALMET data to larger world displays.

The new movie making feature allows you to make AVI files, allowing you to prepare multimedia presentations for external viewing.

CalDesk Standard and Advanced:

  • Reads the latest CALMET and CALPUFF output data files. Updated to work with CALPUFF v6.0. Most Windows/Unix/Linux FORTRAN compiled model output files are supported. NOTE: If your FORTRAN compiler is not supported, we'll include support within CalDesk free of charge.
  • Visualizes CALMET, CALPUFF, and CALGRID data with multiple views. Surface views, vertical XZ and YZ slices, vertical profile at a specific point, time series, and a dual slice view provide complete visualization capabilities. Multiple variables can be displayed within a single view, and views can be linked for paired viewing.
  • Visualize CALMET meteorological data and CALPUFF concentrations at the same time. Wind fields, contours, box fills, streamlines and line graphs are available: multiple tools for displaying your modeling results. Comprehensive options allow you to customize the display of each graph type.
  • Add background images and vector overlays to your graphs. Import JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and SHP files and sharpen your presentations.
  • Visualize actual puffs calculated by CALPUFF. Display these modeling elements in surface and vertical views, using detailed display options that include specific colors per emission source, transparency based on puff concentrations, and color fills based on puff age.
  • The advanced trajectory analysis module allows the users to perform complex trajectory analysis, calculating the trajectories for an entire period and allowing the user to visualize specific trajectories with varied display options. Trajectories can be saved for future analysis, independent of the CALMET data file.
  • Export your results to many different formats, including raster and vector types.
  • Visualize modeling results from huge CALMET and CALPUFF runs in seconds. Open files larger than two gigabytes.

Only in CalDesk Advanced:

  • Capability to visualize MM5 data for CALMET (CALMM5 output). This data can be visualized simultaneously with CALMET and CALPUFF model results. Available data includes:
    • Topography (2D)
    • Pressure at level of the sea (2D)
    • Accumulated Rainfall (2D)
    • Cloud Cover (2D)
    • Pressure (3D)
    • Temperature (3D)
    • Direction and velocity of the wind(3D)
    • Vertical velocity of the wind (3D)
    • Relative humidity(3D)
    • Vapor Mixing Ratio (3D)
    • Cloud Mixing Ratio (3D)
    • Rain Mixing Ratio (3D)
    • Snow Mixing Ratio (3D)
    • Graupel Mixing Ratio (3D)
  • Map projection handling, for LCC, UTM and other CALMET and CALPUFF projections.
  • Visualization of global maps. World and country maps are available, including U.S. state maps.
  • Capacity to generate movies (AVI Format) for XY, XZ, YZ, Point –Z and Dual Screen views.

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