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Caliber Web is a management company portal product that enables homeowners and board members to access information in Caliber in REAL time. Homeowners can view their accounts and pay online, view compliance issues including copies of compliance letters, view maintenance issues including submitting service requests, update profile information, and view documents. Board members can view compliance and maintenance issues for the entire association, view and approve (or reject) invoices, view delinquent accounts and view board-only documents. Features can be enabled or disabled individually and are secured with proper permissions and encryption. While some customization can be done for associations (logo, name, etc.), Caliber Web is intended to operate as a management company portal and not an association-specific website. Several Caliber Integration Partners can be recommended if association-specific websites are required.

  • One-Way Encryption for user/password setup
  • SSL security for all hosted customers
  • Can be turned on for selected clients or all clients

  • Owners can view and update their profile data.
  • Real time access to accounting transactional data
  • Online payments available through your bank or payment processor
  • View Compliance/Violation history
  • View and submit maintenance requests
  • Owner access to ACH setup
  • View/Print documents and reports as posted by the management company

  • Compliance and Maintenance data is viewable and reports can be run for the entire community
  • Access to delinquent owners along with their transaction history
  • AP Invoice view and approval available
  • With AP approval invoice images can be viewed as well
  • View/Print documents and reports as posted by the management company

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