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DESCAR is a software for wastewater dispersion analysis. Outfall modeling. This module is for the buoyant jet model. The necessary data in the Buoyant jet model is: Effluent velocity ua (m/s): The average velocity of the pollutant effluent. It can be around 1 m/s. Pollutant concentration (g/m3): The discharge concentration of the material of interest (pollutant or tracer) is defined as the excess concentration above any ambient concentration of that same material. 1g/m3=1ppm in water. Water depth at discharge location (m): The actual water depth at the sumerged discharge location. For surface discharges it is the water depth at the channel entry location. Discharge flow rate (m3/s): The discharge flow rate and the discharge velocity are related through the port cross-sectional area. (Flow rate)=(area)x(discharge velocity).

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