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Carbon Guru for Events is a unique software solution Carbon Masters have developed which enables ‘live’ carbon footprinting at events and conferences.

The software solution can be used to help measure the total carbon footprint of an event on a live monitor, as well as show individual delegates what their carbon impacts are. Once an accurate footprint has been calculated, Carbon Masters will also, if required, work with organisers to ‘offset’ the carbon emissions by purchasing high quality carbon credits through our offset partners South Pole Carbon. This enables organisers to declare these events ‘carbon neutral’.

Visibly shows delegates your organisation’s commitment to measuring and minimising your carbon footprint.

Innovative and interactive to help differentiate your event

Demonstrates leadership in taking action to assess/ offset the carbon impact of  your event.

Raises awareness of travel related emissions among delegates, exhibitors, and other attendees.

Positive public relations and marketing for this event and future events

1. Prepare & promote –In the lead up to the event, we will work with you to organise joint promotion of the carbon footprinting exercise. We will help you to identify likely emissions sources at the event and to collect data.

2. Live footprinting– We will carry out a “live” carbon footprint exercise at the event, capturing the carbon emissions arising from delegates and exhibitors transport & lodgings and tallying and displaying this information on a large monitor.

3. Reporting– we will prepare a carbon footprint report explaining the methodology, totalling the carbon emissions and providing recommendations for reducing the carbon footprint of future events.

4. Carbon Offsets (optional) –if required Carbon Masters can then provide carbon credits to “offset” the event’s total carbon emissions – thereby creating a Carbon Neutral Event.

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