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Carbon Guru for Organisations is a robust carbon accounting solution that enables organisations to measure, manage and report their carbon emissions.

Carbon Guru for Organisations offers a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for measuring, managing and reporting your organisation’s carbon emissions. The software platform is developed and maintained by environmental experts and is informed by extensive experience in carrying out carbon footprints. Regular updates to the software platform and rigorous application of international protocols ensures that best practice in carbon accounting continues to be followed. The platform is used by over 200 clients and is one of the most widely used carbon accounting software platform in the world.

Intuitive – easy-to-use, intuitive interface designed for use by all

Holistic – can report a wide range of emissions such as waste, water, transport & refrigerants.

Cloud-based – no need for costly integration with existing IT systems

Flexible – to suit the needs of growing organisations.

Global – available in a range of languages with up-to-date emissions factors provided for each country.

Compliant – compliant with recognized standards ISO 14064(1) & GHG Protocol, accredited by CDP

Future Proof – backed up by in-depth carbon expertise so will always be in line with best practice


Carbon Masters have worked with a range of private and public sector organisation and have developed a robust 5-step methodology for helping organisations to calculate an accurate and transparent carbon footprint.

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