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- Compliance, Assessment & Remediation Statistics Software

CARStat is an easy-to-learn statistical analysis system that automatically performs a complete analysis of all sampling locations, groups of locations, and constituents with a single mouse click. It is completely consistent with USEPA Subtitle C and D regulations and all USEPA guidance documents. CARStat performs comparisons to background and to regulatory standards as well as natural attenuation analysis. Appropriate confidence limits, prediction limits, distributional testing, treatment of nondetects, trend analysis, and outlier detections are automatically generated.


Investigate contaminated sites and monitor remediation efforts
CARStat statistically analyzes data for soil, groundwater, surface water, air, and waste streams for assessment monitoring and corrective action programs. CARStat is used by consultants needing flexible, sophisticated software to perform all aspects of environmental site assessments at industrial plants, disposal facilities, brownfield sites and other installations requiring detailed investigation. CARStat uses a common database and a user interface similar to DUMPStat, and shares many of DUMPStat's tools and features. Results are presented in graphs, tables, and statistical power charts, and calculations are detailed in worksheets.